The 580 Rollergirls face Enid's team as the pack makes its way around the Great Plains Coliseum floor March 10. As the women either hit their opponents or braced for a hit, the Lawton-Fort Sill ladies jammed their way to victory with a score of 107-105 and showed they were determined to skate "til' their wheels fall off." There was also a halftime show with bagpipes, a little leprechaun pride, and romance as Fort Sill Soldier, Alicia Vernor aka Kurvacious Pride, accepted a wedding proposal by her boyfriend.

Lawton, Okla.-- They wore purple and black; a skull, and cross bones adorned their chests. The 580 Rollergirls and Enid Rollergirls skated out with grit in their eyes and makeup on their faces March 10 at the Great Plains Coliseum.

The fans were as wild as the women's outfits as the 580 Rollergirls rolled to victory with a final score of 107-105.

The decked out in Irish attire audience members watched it unfold as the concrete floor before them transformed to a circle of force. With each lap the jammers, or woman on the team responsible for scoring points, went round and round in a battle of determination. They each faced four opposing women who practically growled with ferocity.

The referees blew a whistle and the pack skated off. Seconds later another whistle released the two jammers from their stance. As the women went around, there were multiple collisions sending outfits of different shades of purple onto the floor.

580 Rollergirl, Trigger Trixie, broke out from the pack multiple times as her tiny frame weaved through her defenders with ease. She even showed off with an air guitar after scoring multiple points in one jam.

"Trigger Trixie stands out," said derby sister Tara Sarber aka Lil Pack a Punch. "She is a military wife as well so she is very phenomenal. I admire her quite a bit, and she's got some hips that'll knock you out."

The rollerderby halftime show kept the theme of the night which was "shamrocks and shenanigans." A bagpipe duo by the name of The Blue Ribbon Crew came out to the center and played the classic, "Scotland the Brave," and followed it with some crowd favorites like the Star Wars theme song.

The following show was more of a surprise as Spc. Alicia Vernor, Meddac, who's derby name is Kurvacious Pride, was in front of friends and derby family accepting a wedding proposal from her boyfriend.

"He had me fooled he kept saying he didn't have the ring yet so I didn't have any idea, but my teammates knew," said Vernor.

As the bout continued the score was yo-yoing back and forth between the more experienced Enid derby team and the 580 Rollergirls who were giving their first home appearance of the season.

"We just managed to keep their jammer from scoring points by keeping a three wall, keeping several skaters in a line to keep her from getting through the pack and holding a tight defense," said Andrea Franz, military spouse and derby girl Fermented Fury.

It came down to the last jam and the 580 Rollergirls were only up by one point. Trigger Trixie was up against Enid's Scream and Sugar and they both were making their way around the rink.

Several derby girls expressed their intense focus on defense and decided they weren't even sure which team outskated the other. When it was over the audience waited silently until the announcer shared the final score 107-105, the 580 team eeking ahead.

The 580 Rollergirls went wild with congratulations and the fans shared in their excitement.

"The Enid girls are an awesome team. They have a lot of experience, and it was really fun having them come out and a great honor to be able to skate with them," said Franz.

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The next home bout is April 14 against the Arbuckle Derby Darlings.

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