Women's History Month: Women's Education - Women's Empowerment
"The graphic elements chosen for our (DEOMI) Women's History Month poster for 2012 in support of the theme "Women's Education - Women's Empowerment" are quotes from Virginia Woolf referencing women's worth in American Society and as part of our combined history and from Louisa May Alcott on overcoming adversity," said Mr. Peter Hemmer, DEOMI Illustrator, describing this year's Women's History Month poster. "The floral wallpaper and feather were chosen to signify growth through education and limitless opportunity due to empowerment."

March is Women's History Month; a time to celebrate the contribution and honor the sacrifices and accomplishments of women who not only shaped our service but the country as well. Across many years and cultures, women have fought to be educated, empowered, and treated equal to their male counterparts. After the American Revolution, basic educational opportunities for men and women were created as a safeguard for democracy. That commitment to education laid the foundation for women to make indelible contributions in every field, including national security and defense.

Army leadership has asked the entire Army family to honor publicly, womens' contributions by encouraging all leaders from across the Army to plan and execute appropriate commemorative activities to celebrate Women's History Month. Therefore, from March 1 through March 31, the Army will highlight and honor women and their military and civil service, at all levels by telling their story in command information products at all levels. Army installations throughout the world will also honor female Soldiers and Army civilians for their accomplishments through local events during the month.

Today, there are countless women in uniform and as civilians serving as role models and leaders in the Army. In celebrating Women's History Month, we emphasize the value the Army places on these women and the diversity and strength they bring to our force. Throughout the year, we will celebrate and commemorate the diversity of our Army and leverage and draw strength from the diversity within our military and civilian ranks by recognizing the critical roles we all play in strengthening the nation and our Army.

We have all benefitted tremendously from the distinguished service and selfless sacrifice of women at all levels of our Army and our nation. Throughout our Army's 236-year history, women have served this nation valiantly and with distinction, in times of peace and war. Our Army remains immensely proud of the accomplishments and the sacrifices of these brave women as they continue to courageously serve as Soldiers, civilians and family members. In celebrating Women's History Month, we emphasize the value the Army places on diversity. We know there is strength in diversity. We are Army Strong because we embrace the strengths of diverse people in an inclusive environment.

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