Sgt. Nicholas Sinosky Co. B, 1st Bn., 72nd AR, advances on a disabled vehicle as Ironhorse Soldiers prepare to defend themselves.

Camp Casey, Korea - There was a chill in the air at the Camp Casey military operations on urban terrain city, but even that could not stop the 302nd Brigade Support Battalion Soldiers from training and sharpening their urban combat skills.

With the help of the 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor Regiment as the Opposition Force, the "Ironhorse" Soldiers trained on combat logistics patrols, which will help them in combat operations to ensure needed supplies get to Soldiers on the front lines.

"Training like this is important, especially for service support Soldiers, because our mission is getting supplies and equipment forward to the rest of the brigade," said 1st Lt. Austin Luher, assistant battalion operations officer for 302nd BSB.

This week's long training offers different classes that culminate with a convoy.

"The training is important because it teaches you standard tactics," said Sgt. Nicholas Sinosky Co. B, 1st Bn., 72nd AR OPFOR commander. "Everything happens on the battlefield really fast, and they're not going to realize that until they get hands-on training to prepare them."

The lane was set up so that a convoy would roll into the city with a real-world feel to it. Civilians on the battlefield added to that as the convoy had to adapt to movements as they rolled through the city.

Once the convoy was in the city, a simulated Improvised Explosive Device was detonated. The convoy then had to react to that IED as well as react to an ambush from the OPFOR.

"It is good for the 302nd BSB to use us as OPFOR, because we're infantry and we know how to do this type of training," said Sinosky.

As the smoke cleared and the convoy finished its movement through the city, the OPFOR took a short pause to prepare for the next convoy.

"We designed this training to be similar to what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Luher. "We're preparing our Soldiers for what they will see when they PCS from here and deploy overseas."

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