Staff Sgt. Tanya Polk, 4IBCT Public Affairs

FORT STEWART, Ga. - The AER paid-out $4,262,204.00 to Soldiers, Family Members and retirees at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield in 2011 who needed AER assistance.

Fellow Dog Face Soldiers: You have always been there to answer our Nation's call. Whether it was suiting up at a moment's notice to support combat operations or donating your time and efforts to the local homeless shelter, you've selflessly helped others in need because as Soldiers, you care.

I ask you now to reach out again; this time however, to help our very own.

Since 1942, the Army Emergency Relief fund has helped Soldiers and their Family Members deal with financial crisis. The non-profit organization is what helps that single-Soldier who just spent her paycheck on necessary baby supplies and now has a broken down automobile. It's what helps a Soldier fund an airplane ticket when he just learned of the unexpected death in his immediate Family. It also helps that Soldier cover funeral expenses after finding out the loved one he lost had no life insurance.

Some of us know how frustrating it can be if your paycheck is delayed--or even worse, if your money was stolen. Yes, AER helps out here too. The Army Emergency Relief fund provides immediate emergency assistance, interest free.

But all of this is only made possible thanks to the graciousness of those who've helped contribute to the fund. During last year's AER campaign, the Third Infantry Division donated $217,502.59 dollars to support Army Families in need. I challenge us to exceed last year's milestone as we kick off the 70th anniversary of this campaign. The AER campaign is ongoing through May 15, but emergencies, as we all know, happen all year long. Let's support ourselves the way we support others and help keep our Army strong.

As Soldiers, our Warrior Ethos teaches us to 'never leave a Fallen comrade.' We must stand by each other, because it is our duty to do so.

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