SAN ANTONIO -- The U.S. Army Installation Management Command announced the results of the IMCOM-level Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware public affairs communications awards Feb. 21.

The winners were chosen from among more than 400 submissions in 39 categories from IMCOM garrisons around the world.

Up to three entries from the print and community relations categories will represent IMCOM in the Department of the Army-level Keith L. Ware competition. One entry go forward in each broadcast category.

The annual awards program recognizes military and civilian employee practitioners for journalistic excellence and furthering the objectives of the Department of the Army public affairs program.

The winners are:

Community Relations Awards

Category A: Individual Achievement
1st: Patrick Young, Fort Stewart
2nd: Leah Rubalcaba, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
3rd: Kristen Parker, Fort Meade

Category B: Program
1st: Fort A.P. Hill, Fort A.P. Hill's Citizens' Academy
2nd: USAG Wiesbaden, Communicating Wiesbaden Transformation
3rd: Fort Lee, Music in our Schools

Category C: Special Event
1st: USAG Hawaii, Ohana Day
2nd: Carlisle Barracks, Army Heritage Days
3rd: Fort A.P. Hill, Fort A.P. Hill's 70th Anniversary

Print Awards

Category A: Metro-format newspapers
1st: Joint Base Lewis-McChord Northwest Guardian
2nd: Fort Campbell Courier
3rd: Aberdeen Proving Ground APG News
Honorable Mention: Fort Drum Mountaineer

Category B: Tabloid-Format Newspapers
1st: USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg Herald Post
2nd: USAG Humphreys Morning Calm
3rd: Fort Lee Traveler
Honorable Mention: Fort Jackson Leader

Category C: Magazine-Format Publication
1st: Fort Stewart Quality Time

Category D: Newsletter/Field Newspapers
1st: USAG Adelphi ALC Oracle
2nd: Fort A.P. Hill Downrange
Honorable Mention: USAG Miami Nosotros

Category E: Web-based Publication
1st: USAG Natick NSSC This Week
2nd: Fort McCoy The Real McCoy

Category F: Outstanding Initiative in New Media
1st: Camp Humphreys
2nd: Fort Campbell
3rd: Fort Meade
Honorable Mention: Fort Bragg

Category G: Command Blog
1st: Fort Meade

Category H: Website
1st: Carlisle Barracks
2nd: USAG Yongsan
3rd: USAG Humphreys
Honorable Mention: USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg

Category I: News Article, Civilian
1st: Fort Drum, Paul Steven Ghiringhelli, "10th Mountain Division NCO receives Soldier's Medal for uncommon valor"
2nd: USAG Japan, Dustin Perry, "PACOM surgeon leads town hall, assures community Japan is safe"
3rd: Carlisle Barracks, Suzanne Reynolds, "Indian general, USAWC Class of 2001 grad, inducted into IF Hall of Fame"
Honorable Mention: Fort Hood, Dave Larsen, "Efforts underway to reduce civilian workforce through voluntary programs"

Category J: News Feature Article, Military
1st: USAG Yongsan, Staff Sgt. Cody J. Harding, "Soldiers volunteer to clean up devastating mudslide"
2nd: Fort Irwin, Spc. Zachary A. Gardner, "11th ACR trooper receives Soldier's Medal"

Category J: News Feature Article, Civilian
1st: Fort Hood, Christie Vanover, "Reset Program: Helping Soldiers cope with traumatic loss"
2nd: USAG Stuttgart, Brittany Carlson, "Health by Stealth: Army DFACs swap in 'greener' menus"
3rd: USAG PIcatinny Arsenal, Eric Kowal, "Picatinny spouse shares skills for saving money"
Honorable Mention: USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg, Elizabeth Casebeer, "The End of an Era: Army garrison leaves Mannheim vicinity after 66 years"

Category K: Human Interest Feature Article, Civilian
1st: Fort Benning, Vince Little, "A Long Journey"
2nd: Fort Irwin, Carolne Keyser, "Fort Irwin rallies to save abandoned dog"
3rd: USAG Wiesbaden, Jennifer Clampet, "Wiesbaden foreign adoption"
Honorable Mention: Fort Drum, Jeniffer Caprioli, "Soldier's best friend"
Honorable Mention: Fort Leonard Wood, Melissa Buckley, "Museum crew fights time, elements"

Category L: Personality Feature Article, Military
1st: Carlisle Barracks, Staff Sgt. Corinna Baltos, "Skies are not the Limit: World War II veteran celebrates 90th birthday with a tandem jump at USAHEC"

Category L: Personality Feature Article, Civilian
1st: USAG Japan, Dustin Perry, "Zama teen pursues dream as pro musician"
2nd: USAG Wiesbaden, Chrystal Smith, ""WWII veteran"
3rd: Fort Polk, Jennifer Fell, "Boxing provides therapy for former Army sergeant"
Honorable Mention: Fort Irwin, Caroline Keyser, "Fort Irwin civilian, Vietnam vet, serves Soldiers and families"

Category M: Commentary, Civilian
1st: Fort Belvoir, Kyle Ford, "When is enough -- Enough?"
2nd: USAG Vicenza, Julie M. Lucas, "Finding joy in bubble-wrapped things"
3rd: Fort Irwin, Caroline Keyser, "Remembering to respect history, not sleep through it"
Honorable Mention: Fort Campbell Courier, Nondice Thurman, "Mystery of post-traumatic stress disorder"
Honorable Mention: USAG Stuttgart, Carola Mensel, "USAG Stuttgart volunteers 'make a difference' every day"

Category N: Sports Article, Civilian
1st: Fort Benning, Vince Little, "Lieutenant puts hockey career on ice"
2nd: Fort Lee, T. Anthony Bell, "37-Year-Old First-Timer Heads to All Army"
3rd: USAG Wiesbaden, Chrystal Smith, "Swapping combat boots for football cleats"
Honorable Mention: Fort Wainwright, Allen Shaw, "Fort Wainwright athletes train hard for bodybuilding competition"

Category O: Story Series, Civilian
1st: Fort Lee, Kimberly K. Fritz, "School bullying"
2nd: Fort Drum, "Healthy Army Family lifestyle"
3rd: Fort Huachuca, Alton Dunham, "All-Army boxing"
Honorable Mention: Fort Bragg, Eve Meinhardt, "Pregnant on Bragg"
Honorable Mention: USAG Hawaii, Vickey Mouze, "AFAP series"

Category P: Photojournalism, Civilian
1st: USAG Japan, Dustin Perry, "Pack 34's Pinewood Derby a high-speed Cub Scout tradition"
2nd: Fort Leonard Wood, Melissa Buckley, "Best Sapper 2011"
3rd: Fort Polk, Jennifer Fell, "209th MP Co, strikes competition to win Viper Stakes"
Honorable Mention: USAG Yongsan, Jane Lee, "North Korean remains repatriated"

Category Q: Photograph, Military
Honorable Mention: Carlisle Barracks, Staff Sgt. Corrina Baltos, "Chest Bump"

Category Q: Photograph, Civilian
1st: Fort Bliss, Stephen Baack, "Amigo Airsho lands at Biggs"
2nd: Fort Lee, T. Anthony Bell, "Stair-borne"
3rd: Fort Wainwright, Brian W. Schlumbohm, "110601-A-6742S-003.jpg (Mosquito)"
Honorable Mention: Fort Polk, Chuck Cannon, "Getting to know you"

Category R: Picture Page, Military
1st: Fort Stewart, Unit, "Third ID, Families remember their fallen"
2nd: Fort Huachuca, Unit, "Veterans recognized, appreciated , thanked on Friday"
3rd: Carlisle Barracks, Staff Sgt. Corrina Baltos, "Welcome to Carlisle!"

Category R: Picture Page, Civilian
1st: Fort Bliss, Marcie C. Wright, "Team Bliss track club qualifies for Junior Olympic national championship"
2nd: Fort Sill, Marie Berberea, "Grenade training not a lost art"
3rd: Fort Drum, Michelle Kennedy, "Soldiers learn essential combat skills during 10-day course"
Honorable Mention: Fort Lee, Unit, "Best Warriors Battle for Top Army Titles"

Category T: Contribution by Stringer -- Writing
1st: USAG Stuttgart, Tanya Fogg Young, "Battle buddies for life: Stuttgart NCO adopts military working dog"
2nd: USAG Kaiserslautern, Jay Proctor, "Omaha Beach trip offers glimpse of past"
3rd: Fort Sill, Staff Sgt. William Sallette, "Soldiers learn how to be cool"
Honorable Mention: Fort Huachuca, Beth Belliszi, "Group honors 30 years of easing pain of loss"

Category U: Contribution by Stringer -- Photojournalism
1st: USAG Daegu, Lee, Seung-bin," Area IV left mesmerized by Cirque Dreams performance"
2nd: USAG Baden Wuerttemberg, Linda Steil, "Guys and Dolls: High school presents classic '50s musical"
3rd: USAG Stuttgart, Joseph Mancy, "Soldier Show highlights Army talent, teamwork"
Honorable Mention: Fort Sill, Monica Wood, "Light up the sky"

Category X: Moss-Holland Civilian Journalist of the Year
1st: USAG Natick, Bob Reinhardt
2nd: USAG Kaiserslautern, Rick Scavetta
3rd: IMCOM Pacific, Russell Wicke
Honorable Mention: Fort Polk, Chuck Cannon
Honorable Mention: Fort Campbell, Nondice Thurman

Broadcast awards

Category H: Television Information Program
1st: Fort Stewart, "Sgt. Rocky's Neighborhood deployment episode"
2nd: Fort Riley, "Victory Kitchen -- Thanksgiving for two"

Category I: Television Spot Production
1st: Fort Stewart, Kaytrina Curtis, "Gary Sinise Resiliency PSA"
2nd: Fort Riley, Gary Nap, "Find your reason"
3rd: Fort Huachuca, Thom Williams, "B-Troop recruits"

Category J: Television News Report
1st: Fort Bliss, Daniela Vestal, "Future network"
2nd: USAG Japan, Daisuke Sato, "Eastern earthquake disaster relief"
3rd: Fort Huachuca, Thom Williams, "Soldier fire training"
Honorable Mention: Fort Jackson, Mike Glasch, "Hi-tech training"

Category K: Television Feature Report
1st: Fort Stewart, Kaytrina Curtis, "WRESP"
2nd: Fort Bliss, Daniela Vestal, "Millionth Servicemember Returns RnR"
3rd: USAG Japan, Daisuke Sato, "Supporting Sendai"
Honorable Mention: Fort Huachuca, Thom Williams, "Army Strong Day"

Category L: Television Sports Report
1st: Fort Jackson, Mike Glasch, "Aiming for gold"
2nd: Fort Stewart, Kaytrina Curtis, "Women of Marne combatives"
3rd: Fort Huachuca, Thom Williams, "Aviation Versus MI Flag Football"

Category M: Local Television Newscast
1st: Fort Benning, "The Benning Report"
2nd: USAG Japan, "USARJ This Week"
3rd: Fort Jackson, "Victory Update"

Category O: Television Newsbreak
1st: Fort Huachuca, Thom Williams, "Fort Report: Soldier Fueling Initiative"

Category P: Command Information Campaign
1st: Fort Stewart, "National Disability Awareness Month Campaign"
2nd: USAG Hawaii, "Kaena Point"

Category R: Civilian Broadcast Journalist of the Year
Honorable Mention: Fort Jackson, Mike Glasch


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