REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Materiel Command announces its winners of the 2011 Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Awards Communication Competition. First place winners will represent AMC at the Department of the Army level of the competition.

The competition is designed to recognize military and civilian employees from AMC's major subordinate commands and direct reporting units for excellence in print, broadcast, community relations and new media.

130 entries were judged for technical excellence in accordance with the objectives of the Department of the Army's internal information program.

Winners are:
CATEGORY H, Television Information Program
1st: JMC - Gerald Thompson, Gary Johns for 'DAC Providing Global Munitions

Community Relations
1st: JMC - Brittany Bartholomew, Rikeshia Davidson, Justine Barati, Stephen
Abney for 'JMC HQ engagement with Milan, TN community on Milan AAP future'

CATEGORY C Special Event
1st: JMC - Samuel Hudson, Mary Moses, Keith Justice, Nathan White, Tom
Edwards for '2011 Boy Scout Fall Camporee'

CATEGORY B Tabloid Format Newspaper
1st: RDECOM - Ed Lopez, Audra Calloway, Timothy Rider, Eric Kowal for 'The
Picatinny Voice'
2nd: TACOM - Jennifer Bacchus, Clester Burdell for 'Tracks'
3rd: CECOM - Tobyhanna Army Depot Public Affairs Office for 'Tobyhanna

CATEGORY C Magazine Format,
1st: CECOM - Kelly Luster, Andricka Thomas, David Landmann; Jacqueline
Boucher; Christine Reilly for 'CECOM today'
2nd: ACC - Ed Worley, Dan Elkins, Rachel Clark, Betsy Kozak for 'ACC today'

CATEGORY D Newsletter
1st: ASC - Galen Putnam for 'Outpost'

CATEGORY E Web based publication
1st: ACC - Ben Gonzales, Daniel P. Elkins, Ryan L. Mattox for MICC
2nd: ASC - Charles W. Fick, Jr, Barbara A. Toner, Megan Marie McIntyre, SFC
Sean Riley, Mark Weiman for 'The Global Line'

CATEGORY F Outstanding Initiatives in New Media
1st: ACC - Beth Clemons for New Media Initiatives
2nd: ACWA - Miguel Monteverde, Kristen Szydloski, Thomas Schultz, Stephanie
Parrett, Katherine DeWeese for 'Connect with ACWA initiative'
3rd: PEO Soldier - Debi Dawson, Alton Stewart for 'PEO Soldier Online
Equipment Portfolio'

CATEGORY G Command Blog
1st: CECOM - Chrissie Reilly, Floyd Hertweck, Susan Thompson for 'US Army
CECOM Historical Office Blog'

1st: ACC for Armyhire website
2nd: CECOM for

CATEGORY I News Article
1st: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Battlefield vision brings together Army
2nd: CECOM - Justin W. Eimers for 'Team installs language labs in Iraq'
3rd: JMC - Rikeshia Davidson for 'MCRP Students uncovers green behind LSS

CATEGORY J News Feature article
1st: ACC - Daniel Elkins for 'ANC Contractual support transfers to MICC'
2nd: ASC - Megan McIntyre for 'Arsenal program provides students with 'real
world' experience'
3rd: CECOM - Andricka Thomas for 'CECOM Deputy Retires after 37 Years'

CATEGORY K Human Interest
1st: ACC - David San Miguel for 'Left Behind-Mother copes with Son's
suicide, seeks to help others'
2nd: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Kiowa teams gets Danger Close to save lives'
3rd: TACOM - Jennifer Bacchus for 'Depot environmental training shows
obvious compliance'

CATEGORY L Personality Feature
1st: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'I wanted to be the best Soldier I could be'
2nd: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Good Leadership can be contagious'
3rd: RDECOM - Audra Calloway for 'Picatinny Ten-Milers exude 'esprit de
corps' in race'

CATEGORY N Sports Article
1st: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Soldier Runs In Memory of Battle Buddy'
2nd: AMCOM - Skip Vaughn for 'Redstone retains Ten-miler status'

CATEGORY P Photojournalism
1st: CECOM - Tobyhanna Army Depot Public Affairs Office for 'Excellence in
Electronics, Around the Depot'
2nd: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Hot commodity flies high with missions'
3rd: JMC - Mary Moses for 'Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Living Memorial'

CATEGORY Q Photograph
1st: CECOM - Stephen J. Grzezdzinski for 'Painting CROWS'
2nd: RDECOM - Timothy Rider for '9/11 salute'
3rd: TACOM - Mark Cleghorn for 'Coming around the bend'

CATEGORY R Picture Page
1st: TACOM - John Makamson for 'Night Shift versatility'
2nd: No winner
3rd: AMCOM - Kari Hawkins for 'Exhibits relate Army's Aviation Success'

CATEGORY T Contribution by Stringer-Writing
1st: CECOM - Chrissie Reilly for 'CECOM senior leaders step into past at the
Battle of Gettysburg Staff Ride' Staff Ride
2nd: ACC - Rachel Clark for '903rd CCBN Soldier participates in HAJJ on
invitational orders'
3rd: ACC - Betsy Kozak for 'Duncan's uphill struggle ends with bars of gold'

CATEGORY X Civilian Journalist of the Year
1st: ACC - David San Miguel for Civilian Journalist of the Year

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