WIESBADEN, Germany (Feb. 16, 2012) -- Do you provide unauthorized child care in your home? If so you are risking loss of your government quarters, tax liabilities and other potential repercussions.
"Unauthorized providers are those who care for children in their homes for more than 10 hours a week without proper training and certification through Child, Youth and School Services," said Anesia Iszard, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Family Child Care director.
While neighbors caring for a child less than 10 hours a week on a consistent basis or temporarily in excess of 10 hours, such as during temporary duty, overnights and weekends is not considered unauthorized care, Iszard said, it is considered unauthorized when a person provides care to any child other than the occupants of the apartment for more than 10 hours a week on a consistent basis.
As in past years, Child, Youth and School Services, or CYSS, is offering unauthorized caregivers the opportunity to contact them and seek certification during its Family Child Care amnesty program March 1-31.
"They'll receive all of the training that they need to make sure children are in a safe and nurturing environment," said Iszard, adding that FCC providers also get access to a wide variety of top-level training. "They get the same level of training as employees working at our child development centers."
Along with regular training opportunities and certification, FCC providers can rest assured that they've taken all of the steps needed to comply with U.S. and host nation laws for reasons of liability, Iszard said.
"All of the other child care providers in the United States mimic the Army model," she said, explaining that the Department of Defense's child care programs are consistently praised for their standards, oversight and professionalism.
"Family Child Care is the preferred child care option for many families. Care in a home setting provides families flexibility to individualize their care hours to support unique family situations and mission requirements," the FCC director said, adding that FCC services support full-day and part-day care.
"The Army FCC Amnesty Program allows individuals who are not currently certified FCC providers (but who are regularly caring for children in government owned, leased or privatized quarters) an opportunity to register with CYSS without penalty," said Iszard. "During this specified time frame of March 1-31, persons who come forward and meet the FCC provider eligibility requirements may continue to provide child care while simultaneously going through the FCC certification process."
Belgica Scott, a 12-year veteran FCC provider, said she really appreciates the opportunity to help Soldiers, earn a decent salary to help support her family and receive monthly training.
"They (CYSS) provide a lot of support to us," said Scott, "and they help us get customers."
"It's a good job, if you have children who aren't going to school yet," Scott added. "To me it works well. You work at home and your paperwork is straight. It's fun, especially if you like working with children. I love it."
Certified FCC providers receive financial benefits such as tax-free income, eligibility for no-cost liability insurance and partial reimbursement for start-up costs and food, said Iszard. Plus, it's a job that easily transfers and continues from one post or location to another.
"If you are caring for children in quarters other than their home for more than 10 hours a week on a regular basis, take advantage of this amnesty period. Become a Family Child Care professional and receive the benefits and recognition for the valuable service you provide," Iszard said.
For more information about becoming an FCC provider in Wiesbaden call civ (0611) 4080-329 or mil 335-5329. For details on Family Child Care in Baumholder call mil 485-6588 or civ (06783) 6-6588. Information is also available at www.ArmyFCC.com.

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