'With You All the Way' delights Yongsan kids
Trevor Romain greets students after performing "Trevor Romain, With You All the Way" at Seoul American Elementary School on Feb. 7. Kids shared their feelings and concerns regarding Military life as they hugged Romain afterwards.

YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- On Feb. 7, students of Seoul American Elementary School had an opportunity to enjoy and share their feelings and concerns during the "Trevor Romain, With You All The Way" tour sponsored by the Yongsan United Service Organization.

The main purpose of the tour is building morale among children of active duty Servicemembers. Military children face constant upheavals and separations. The program is specifically designed to help children 6 to 12-years-old deal with these difficult situations. Military Families have to move around a lot and children often miss out on their parent's company for a year or more due to deployment. Leaving friends behind, fitting in to a new school, and making new friends can be challenging for Military children.

"Sometimes they don't realize they can ask for help," said Trevor Romain. As a stand-up comedian, Romain successfully kept children interested in the program, answered the kids' questions, and let them know how to deal with the hardships they are going through.

"They tend to keep it to themselves. This makes them sad, lonely and unhappy," said Romain. "What we do is give them permission to express themselves, give them a safe place to share their feelings and concerns, and that way, we can help them get out of the lock they made in."

The partnership between USO and Trevor Romain helps Military children in many ways. Romain's DVDs deal with Military children's real concerns, featuring titles such as: "Facing Fear without Freaking Out" and "What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?"

Romain said he is proud to support those who serve the United States. "They serve too. They didn't choose to be Military kids. Someone else chose for them. Many people don't realize how hard it is to be them, and for me to be helping them out is an honor."

Each student also received a "With You All the Way" deployment kit. These kits are developed by USO and the Trevor Romain Company. The kit is designed to support Families with children ages five years and older who have a deployed Family member. The kit is filled with resources that help and comfort Military children and their Families.

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