The Maneuver Center of Excellence, Staff and Faculty Development Division recently announced the civilian and Soldiers of the Quarter for the first quarter.

Sgt. 1st Class Larricco Alexander, from the Henry Caro Noncommissioned Officer Academy, was named the Senior Enlisted Instructor of the Quarter, Staff Sgt. Kelly Martin, also from NCOA, is the Junior Enlisted Instructor of the Quarter and John D. Andrews of C Company, Warrior Training Center, was named Civilian Instructor of the Quarter.

Alexander, an instructor at the Senior Leaders Course, said his biggest challenge as an instructor is to influence change and instruct doctrine to senior NCOs who have only been trained on tactics, techniques and procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures.

"The high operational tempo of our armed forces is the basis of this challenge," he said. " … In the face of challenges and conflict the disciplined noncommissioned officer will prevail to meet the security needs of our nation."

Martin, the junior enlisted winner, said he was excited when his first sergeant Sgt. informed him he won in his category.

"Winning this competition after being an instructor for over two years is a great achievement," he said. "I'm happy that I will be able to compete for the MCoE Instructor of the Year."

As the winner in the civilian instructor category, Andrews said his greatest challenge as an instructor has been changes in technology, especially in the simulation field. They are always updating systems software or producing a new simulator to keep up with current requirements from the field, he said.

The Instructor Recognition Program focuses and awards instructors who serve throughout the MCoE. The program highlights instructors who use unique instructor and facilitation techniques in the classroom, displays the instructor competencies outlined in the Army Learning Model 2015 and exemplify the Army Values in training Soldiers daily.

Thomas Brooks, the Instructor Recognition Program Manager, oversees the selection of the instructors who are nominated each quarter. He observed each of the instructors in the classroom.

"Even in recognition of these individuals this quarter, the Staff and Faculty Development Division realize that there are many MCoE instructors who can achieve this recognition," Brooks said. " … (We) want every instructor to compete and be recognized for their hard work and dedication in training Soldiers here at the MCoE."

Although the second quarter selection process has already begun, there is still time to submit a nomination request for the second quarter.

To nominate instructors from your organization, contact Brooks at 706-545-3065 or email

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