FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Feb. 2, 2012) -- Super Bowl weekend has arrived and Fort Rucker officials urge people in the community to be safe and healthy before, during and after the upcoming football game.

"I think when we talk about Super Bowl weekend, the big thing we always think about is drinking and driving," said Marcel J. Dumais, Directorate of Public Safety Department of the Army Civilian Police chief. "If you plan to go out and enjoy the Super Bowl anywhere other than your own home, put a plan in place, especially if you decide you're going to be drinking."

The chief said that people should always make sure to have a designated driver, make plans to stay with a friend, or stay somewhere where they can avoid drinking and driving. He also urges that people be safe and aware even if they won't be drinking over the weekend.

"For people that are just going to be on the road and won't be drinking, be a little more cautious, because you never know," said Dumais. "Once the Super Bowl is over, the potential exists that there could be people out there that will be drinking and driving. People really need to drive defensively -- pay attention to the road and pay attention to the other drivers that will be driving that night."

A Soldier that gets stopped on post for driving under the influence will be apprehended and taken to the police station on Fort Rucker to be processed and determined whether their blood alcohol content exceeds the .08 limit, according to the police chief. If it is, the Soldier will then be issued an immediate suspension of installation driving privileges for a period of 12 months.

"Just like anyone else, the [Soldier] will then go to court and be susceptible to whatever fines that the judge determines to be adequate for their specific case," said Dumais. "Just because you get [pulled over for DUI] on post, doesn't mean you're going to get off any easier than if you were elsewhere."

Dumais suggests that people have an alternative to alcohol if they are hosting a Super Bowl party to protect their guests.

"Just don't drink," he said. "If you do, at a certain point, people should shut off the alcohol intake, especially if people are going to be driving. If you're having a party, plan for people to be able to stay over if they are drinking, or find of means of getting those people home safely."

Dumais also urges people to take the safety aspect into their homes while they are cooking, saying "there's always a potential for fires when cooking, so, people need to be extra careful when mixing that with alcohol at their parties."

Along with being safe over the Super Bowl weekend, people should also choose to be healthy, said Denece Clayborne, community health nurse and director of Health Promotion at Lyster Army Health Clinic.

She offers some tips on how to be healthy during the weekend saying the best way to eat healthy during an event like the Super Bowl is to pay attention to portion size, choose healthier options and don't go to a party hungry.

"Don't fill up your plate and don't hang out near the snack table," said Clayborne. "Educate yourself on the nutritional value of typical snacks before a party.

"Munch on the fruit and veggie tray more than the hot wings and pigs in a blanket," she said. "If you're not willing to pass up the typical snacks, choose healthy options within the snack group: for example, cheese dip has approximately four times more calories than salsa, so go for the salsa."

She also suggests people have a healthy, filling meal before attending a party to curb cravings for snacks, recommending foods that are high in fiber and protein that will keep you full, longer.

With these tips, Fort Rucker officials want to ensure people have a safe and healthy Super Bowl weekend.

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