Sgt. Jo, Doo Yeon
Sgt. Jo, Doo Yeon

Many KATUSA Soldiers get ready to go back to the civilian world near their ETS date. Some have to go back to college to finish their degrees and some go to work after their obligatory military service of two years. Hence many Soldiers are busy making that transition back to civilian life.

Sgt. Jo, Doo Yeon, Headquarters and Headquarters Support Company, Division Special Troops Battalion, committed to the Paik, Sun Yup board and became one of four 2ID KATUSAs to win the award for the first quarter of 2008. His time and effort spent preparing for the board meant some sacrifice of his personal time.

"It is easy to neglect the fact that I am still a Soldier on days like this but I wanted to give the very best until the last day," said Jo. "I wanted to try something new and didn't think twice when I was recommended to go to the board by Command Sgt. Maj. (Antonio) Holder, (DSTB command sergeant major)."

Jo emphasized the importance of attitude and confidence as the keys to success, not only for the board, but also for the military as well as everything in life.

"It requires a good attitude to everything because it has a power to turn an unfavorable situation around and make it work for you," said Jo. "I believe confidence comes from one's self, independent of others' opinion or external situations. Without confidence, no matter how well trained or equipped, you will never win in a war."

Persistence is one of the many qualities that the award represents and Jo certainly exemplified that quality by pushing himself further for personal challenge.

Jo said that he gained a lot of life knowledge from this experience that he can use even after his military career. He is due to go back to college to finish his bachelor's degree, but he will keep the values and lessons that he learned in the Army to continue to succeed in his life just as he had with the board.

"I used to feel inadequate, but I changed an attitude and geared myself with a positive 'can-do mind' and confidence," he said. "I think it will help me a great deal after the Army."

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