3D Prevention Month
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Chris McCormick, Installation Safety Office, Gary Gibbs, owner of a local auto recycling company, and Deedra Hinton, ASAP Prevention Education Program Supervisor, stand before the DUI display outside gate eight, Jan. 6.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Among the six principles of the Third Infantry Division's Command Philosophy, the element of team work exemplifies the collaboration between Fort Stewart and the local community.

When David Bennett, Fort Stewart's Army Substance Abuse Program Prevention Coordinator, contacted Gary Gibbs, owner of a local auto recycling company, to support the Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month campaign by supplying wrecked vehicles, Gibbs' answer was simple, "yes."

In observance of 3D Month, the wrecked cars that were placed outside gates one, three and eight represent Driving under the Influence displays, in which Gibbs made available to the Stewart community.

"We've always supported Fort Stewart," Gibbs said. "We stepped forward whenever they called, and we helped them out."

Gibbs uses his own resources and volunteers his own time to extend his support, Bennett said.

"The support that we seek, not only here on the installation, is also people on the outside, the civilian sector to give help," Bennett said. "Gary is one of those people who volunteer his time. He brought three vehicles this year and placed them at different gates. He uses his gas, his people, his money and his vehicles, which made this a successful campaign for us."

Bennett said that the DUI displays act as a deterrent to give the community an opportunity to see what happens in an accident, inside the vehicles and out.

"We just finished 3D Month December 31st, and now we are prepping for Alcohol Awareness Month this April," he said. "We'll be going back to the same people asking for their help on that."

On Jan. 6, the DUI displays were picked-up and collected, which concluded the 3D Month campaign.

"I can refer back when I graduated from high school," Gibbs recalls. "A lot of my classmates went to Vietnam, came back and within a few weeks were dead because of DUI. So, I am ready for April for all the support I can give to [Fort Stewart]."

"We just appreciate all the support from the installation's support teams as well as our civilian counterparts, who are out there helping us out, and the Fort Stewart-Hinesville community."

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