Job seekers will have to use a new system soon to apply for DA jobs on post as Fort Jackson is scheduled to transition from the current Resumix system to the USA Staffing system April 30. Applicants will have to upload their resume to www.usajobs.gov. The new system is designed to streamline the application process throughout DoD.

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- The path to government employment is about to change.

This year, the Department of Defense will streamline the federal employment process by using a new software system called USA Staffing.

Fort Jackson will begin using the new USA Staffing system for employment management April 30.

"We are going through this transition because DoD is trying to consolidate all of the agencies to have the same type of system," said Janice Parsons, the USA Staffing project manager with Fort Jackson's Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. "Now, if a person is applying for Army, Navy or Air Force positions, there will be the same process, and it wasn't that way in the past."

The Resumix system has been in use for the past decade for Army employment positions.

"The old system was very simple with no required documents up front. Resumix was based on a skill set so people were looked at based on the skills in their resume and keywords from their past experience," Parsons said. "With the new program, applicants will also have to answer questions in order for the managers to decide if they are a good fit for the position. It's not just having a resume online and hitting a 'submit' button anymore."

USA Staffing is a web-based software program that will manage all recruitment and hiring for DoD positions. Some things will change but the fundamental elements of managers deciding on candidate suitability will remain the same.

"USA Staffing takes three of our programs and combines them into one program. We're going to know their eligibility right away, which is different. They have to upload their resume and can upload their documentation forms like DD-214, VA letters or transcripts required to prove they are eligible for a position. If the documents are not uploaded to the site by the required time, people can be considered ineligible and screened out of a position," Parsons said.

She said that once someone has applied and answered questions selected by the managers, it remains at the managers' discretion to call that person in for an interview.

Barbara Martin, Fort Jackson's Employment Readiness Manager, said the changes will help job applicants readily understand the jobs that are available.

"The eligibility confusion will go away and that's great," Martin said. "I have dealt with some spouses who were heartbroken because they got very far along in the hiring process, only to find out they were never eligible for the job in the first place."

Applicants may also need to ensure their resumes are consistent with the questions that will be asked as part of the USA Staffing system, Martin said.

"People will have to make sure that when they answer a question stating they work well under tight time deadlines, they have the job experience on the resume to support their statement," Martin said.

At Fort Jackson, both Army Community Service and Army Career and Alumni Program have courses that teach how to navigate through the federal employment process. These classes will continue to provide information on how to seek employment with updated information on USA Staffing.

"I've already integrated some of the new information into my course," Martin said. "Once I get fully trained on the specifics of this new software, then I will have the screen shots and helpful information that spouses and family members might need to get their information out there to employers."

As project manager, Parsons will be training staff on the post so there will be help available for those who need it.

"I am meeting with my own people and others on post for the training so everyone will be prepared for the transition," Parsons said. "It is a good idea for applicants to get a USAJobs account and upload their resume there so they will be ready to quickly respond to new jobs as they become available. You can create and store up to five versions of the resume with this new system, so you can be comprehensive and show a lot of your work history."

For those just beginning their job searches, ACS also has resume-writing help available to get ready for employment.

"We have a wide range of services for those looking for employment resources, even with these changes coming up," Martin said. "We're here to help and we're here to get our family members hired."

Upcoming ACS workshops are Steps to getting a Federal Job, Feb. 14, March 14, April 24, 9 a.m. to noon, Strom Thurmond Building Room 222. Registration required, call ACS Employment Readiness Office 751-4862/5256.

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