New commissary set to open in Spring
Only a few vehicles take up space in the new commissary parking lot in December 2011. By mid-March though the parking lot will fill with the vehicles of customers and emplyees when Fort Campbell's new commissary opens. The building is currently scheduled to welcome customers March 13. (U.S. Army photo by Nondice Thurman.)

FORT CAMPBELL, KY, January 13, 2012--"When is the new commissary opening?" is a question on the minds of many across Fort Campbell. As of early December, the commissary is slated to open March 13.

Ground was broken for the construction project two years ago and it was originally slated to be completed in June 2011, but with any large project delays are always a possibility.

"We've had our share of delays caused by a variety of reasons, from adverse weather conditions to construction modification," said Antonio Matthias, Defense Commissary Agency Fort Campbell Commissary store director. "Fortunately, we are in the final stretch and we're planning to open in early spring."

There will be a time frame when the old, which has been around since the 70s, and new commissary will be closed, but it will only last for a couple of days.

"Both commissaries will be closed for one to two days prior to the grand opening date so that electronic data can be transferred from one store to the other," said Matthias. "Both stores cannot be open at the same time for the data transmission, but we'll use this time to make final preparations to ready the store for the grand opening."

Among some of the biggest changes customers will see is the state-of-the art equipment and an increased sales floor area nearly 20,000 feet larger than the current store.

"Something they may not notice is that the equipment -- lighting and heat-and-air systems -- are much more energy efficient, which makes their new commissary more environmentally friendly," said Matthias. "We're adding more self-checkouts and we're expanding the deli, bakery, meat and produce areas in keeping with customer demand. The new décor and overall look of the store is impressive, giving our customers a great place to shop and enjoy their benefit."

The construction phase is scheduled to be completed by the end of December. Once this is completed, the work on the inside installing displays and equipment will begin.

"We'll be able to occupy it and do all the other things that make a building a commissary," said Matthias. "This includes installation of all the equipment that's necessary to run our various departments… We'll have to install furnishings and product display units and shelving and then stock them with our products before we'll be ready to open for business… There is a lot to be done and I'm glad we have the manpower and know-how to get it accomplished..."

Matthias explained his workers are excited about the move to the new commissary. He compared the anticipation to the feel of buying a new vehicle.

"We are all definitely looking forward to working in the new building, working with new equipment and having a great environment to provide an outstanding commissary benefit," he said. "For the employees, the new store brings a great sense of pride and ownership, like you feel when you're behind the wheel of a new car."

Matthias hopes shoppers will be able to share in that sense of pride and enjoy shopping at the new state-of-the-art facility.

"With our focus on customer service that's expressed by our motto, 'You're Commissary -- It's Worth the Trip!' we are looking forward to providing the Fort Campbell community with all the products and services they've come to enjoy and expect in a brand new facility."

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