ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Army News Service, Jan. 28, 2007) - More than 200 Soldiers, including those serving in Iraq and Kuwait, Civilians, Family members and MWR patrons from 39 garrisons generated 530 entries in the 2007 Army Arts and Crafts Contest.

Crafts were entered in 2D and 3D categories in ceramics, drawings, fibers and textiles, glass, metals and jewelry, oil-base painting, water-base painting, wood, and mixed media and further divided into novice and accomplished artist divisions.

The accomplished division was for competitors who have gained skills and knowledge through formal courses leading to credit in college or art schools. Those whose skills had not been acquired in formal education competed in the novice division.

Several competitors, such as Army veteran Myrna Hawkins, said they feel like they have spent their art "careers" producing entries for the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command-sponsored event. Thirty-two contestants were returning participants and 175 entered for the first time.

First-place winners received $300, runners-up $200, and third-place finishers $100. Contestants who received honorable mentions were issued certificates of excellence.

"Ceramics is a great stress reliever," said Hawkins, whose "African Influence" placed first in the accomplished metals and jewelry category and "The Mask" earned runner-up honors in mixed media 3-D. "When you put your hand in the clay and start to work, a peace just seems to come over you. I can't quite explain, but it's wonderful."

Several years ago, an Army MWR employee in the embroidery section of the arts and crafts shop at Fort Hood, Texas, urged Hawkins to enter the contest.

"I really am amazed each time I win anything, because if someone would have asked me a few years ago if would I be doing what I am right now, I would probably say 'no,' " said Hawkins, 44, who is now majoring in fine arts at the University of Mary Harden-Baylor. "If I couldn't be creative I don't know what I would do. Get dirty! Work in clay! It's awesome!"

Capt. Hee Kim, a hobby origamist since elementary school who is stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga., won the novice mixed media 3-D category with "Ancient Dragon." Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative or representational forms, such as animals or flowers.

"It gives me time to be creative without worrying too much about 'what if," Kim said. "After all, it is just a paper."

Kim followed the original design of a piece created by renowned origamist Staoshi Kamiya.

"I folded mostly based on his diagrams," Kim explained. "Though I made modifications and airbrushed it to give its statue and sculpture-like presence."

His wife, professional artist Anni Mirka Kim, placed second in accomplished drawing with "Spirit and Perseverance" and third in accomplished prints with "70 Percent of Grains."

Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Avis' woodwork "Bob Burn" topped the novice mixed media 2-D category and his "Lil Duckhunter" earned an honorable mention. Now stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., Avis found time to hone his skills while at Camp Victory in Iraq.

"It actually provided a little piece of home to me while I was away," said Avis, 37. "It is nice to sort of get away doing something you like, even if it is for just a little while."

Avis, who discovered the contest on Army Knowledge Online, had personal motivation for both of his winning woodworks. He produced "Bob Burn" for a military working dog program manager at Fort McPherson, Ga.

"Bob, a military working dog, was on the initial push into Iraq," Avis explained. "It was a somber moment when they finally had to put him to rest."

Avis created "Lil Duckhunter" for one of his buddies.

"It was his son's first duck hunt in Arkansas and everything about the picture, from the sunrise down to the Red Ryder BB gun, sort of drew my attention to it," he said. "It was also the first time I had ever attempted a wood burning of a person."

Sgt. Maj. Steve Carter, who instructed art classes for Soldiers in a tent in Iraq, placed second in the novice metals and jewelry category with a bronze statue entitled "The Guardian" while serving in the U.S. Army-Europe chaplain's office in Heidelberg, Germany. Carter, who also makes knives, now works in the Training and Doctrine Command's chaplain's office at Fort Monroe, Va.

Terry Flemings has taken classes in etching, wood shop and framing at the arts and crafts facility on Fort Hood.

"I always find time to do something with art and my artwork because it mellows my mind," said Flemings, whose "Waldo's Porch in the Spring" placed third in novice water base painting. "I only recently, within the last two years, shared my work with the public."

Flemings, an administrative assistant at Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center, wishes she had more free time for her art.

"The more I paint, the more I realize that I truly have a gift," she said. "I could paint all day. My goal is to reverse my life as it is right now. Instead of working eight hours a day, teaching aerobics, and then painting; I want to paint eight hours a day, continue my fitness to maintain my health, and then maybe work - if I need to."

The contest was judged by Pam Eisenmann, a former art teacher and manager of Army Arts and Crafts programs in Europe, Korea and the continental United States, and George Goetzke, a former arts director and woodworker, who works at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

May 25 is the submission deadline for the 2008 Army Arts and Crafts Contest. Authorized MWR patrons, with the exception of employees of the Army Arts and Crafts program, are eligible to enter. All submissions must be the entrant's original work and must be completed within 24 months of the beginning of the contest year.

For more details, write to FWRC Attn: FMWR-CR (Arts & Crafts), 4700 King Street - 4th floor, Alexandria, VA, 22302-4418 or call Linda Ezernieks at (703) 681-7754.

<b>2007 Army Arts & Crafts Contest</b>

Results of the 2007 Army Arts & Crafts Contest with rank, name, installation and name of artwork:



1st Place: Deida Bourne, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, "The Wave"

2nd Place: Brigitte Richard, Fort Hood, Texas, "Buttons Over Denim Blue"

3rd Place: Margaret Tacub, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, "Samurai"

Honorable Mention: Deida Bourne, "Light as a Feather," "Ode to Lily"


1st Place: Luka Fatuesi, Vicenza, Italy, Bump on a Log

2nd Place: Umeko Bennett, Fort Dix, N.J., Kihada

3rd Place: Pfc. Patrick Augustin, Fort Hood, Texas, "Heroes Remembered"

Honorable Mention: Pfc. Patrick Augustin, Fort Hood, Texas, "My Queen"

Honorable Mention: Pia Diggs, Stuttgart, Germany, "Room Corner"

Honorable Mention: Yang Hand, Yongsan, Korea, "Bride Plate"

Honorable Mention: Jessica Way, Camp Casey, Korea, "The Ghost Town"



1st Place: Anji Johnson, Yongsan, Korea, "Wisdom"

2nd Place: Anni Mirka Kim, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Spirit and Perseverance"

3rd Place: Nichlas Moise, Garmisch, Germany, "Umbrella"

Honorable Mention: Hye Comfort, Camp Zama, Japan, "Warrior Girl"

Honorable Mention: Staff Sgt. Ricky Melton, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Deep Snow"


1st Place: Spc. Theodis Jones, Fort Polk, La., "Praise Him"

2nd Place: Staff Sgt. Johnie Williams, Fort Lee, Va., "A Portrait of Miles"

3rd Place: Katherine Helmick, Fort Monroe, Va., "Marne Sapper"

Honorable Mention: Tristan Mactaggart, Seoul, Korea, "A Day in Provence"

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Meyer, Stuttgart, Germany, "Dial Tone"

Honorable Mention: Sgt. Guillermon Vazquez, Yongsan, Korea, "Mistress"



1st Place: Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., "Golden Girls"

2nd Place: Patty Wilken, Fort Polk, La., "Row by Row Quilt"

3rd Place: Patty Wilken, Fort Polk, La., "Joseph Coat"


1st Place: Sara Sparrow, Fort Bragg, N.C., "Embroidery & Fabric Painting"

2nd Place: Elizabeth Lair, Fort Carson, Colo., "Winter of the Soul"

3rd Place: Amanda Fay Rowland, Garmisch, Germany, "Shetland Lace Wedding Ring Shawl" Honorable Mention: Kyong Hui Anguay, Camp Walker, Korea, "Splash (Blue)"

Honorable Mention: Amanda Fay Rowland, Garmisch, Germany, "New Every Morning Quilt"



1st Place: Mary Hayes Collins, Fort Belvoir, Va., "Erica"

2nd Place: Becky Kobler, Fort Campbell, Ky., "Dancing Lady"


1st Place: Mutsuyo Royster, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, "Hawaiian Flora: Bird of Paradise"

2nd Place: Patricia Bess, Fort Riley, Kan., "Frogs Galore"

3rd Place: Dwight Bruinsma, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., "Underwater View"

Honorable Mention: Karen Jorgenson, Fort Campbell, Ky., "Floral Window"

Honorable Mention: Gayle Parker, Fort McPherson, Ga., "Gayle's Garden"

<b>Metals & Jewelry</b>


1st Place: Myrna Hawkins, Fort Hood, Texas, "African Influence"


1st Place: Donald Harrelson, Camp Walker, Korea, "Silver Bracelet, Turquoise"

2nd Place: Sgt. Maj. Steven Carter, Heidelberg, Germany, "The Guardian"

3rd Place: Michael Nagy, Fort Knox, Ky., "1st Century A.D. Roman Sword Belt"

Honorable Mention: Lori Anglin, Fort Hood, Texas, "Abacus"

Honorable Mention; Charlotte Hogan, Stuttgart, Germany, "Beaded Collar"

Honorable Mention: Deborah Sprake, Fort Campbell, Ky., "The Fisherman Pin"

<b>Mixed Media 2-D</b>


1st Place: Jeanne Treschuk, Fort Belvoir, Va., "Self Portrait"

2nd Place: Ginger Hansen, Fort Sill, Okla., "My Womb"

3rd Place: Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., "Swab the Bore"

Honorable Mention: Lee Hilliard, Schweinfurt, Germany, "Bridge of Qui"

Honorable Mention: Jeanne Treschuk, Fort Belvoir, Va., "Back Yard Treasures"


1st Place: Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Avis, Camp Victory, Iraq, "Bob Burn"

2nd Place: Myunghee Monbleau, Camp Walker, Korea, "The Korean Rice Paper Art-Pumpkin"

3rd Place: Clifford West, Yongsan, Korea, "Solidarity"

Honorable Mention: Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Avis, Camp Victory, Iraq, "Lil Duckhunter"

Honorable Mention: Yang Hand, Yongsan, Korea, "Yesterday and Today"

<b>Mixed Media 3-D"


1st Place: James Meekins, Fort Eustis, Va., "Mask and Shield"

2nd Place: Myrna Hawkins, Fort Hood, Texas, "The Mask"

3rd Place: Duane West, Fort Eustis, Va., "The Elk"


1st Place: Capt. Hee Kim, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Ancient Dragon"

2nd Place: Lt. Col. Leon Pennington, Fort Rucker, Ala., "Fallen Aviator"

3rd Place: Michael Nagy, Fort Knox, Ky., "Medieval Box"

Honorable Mention: Zachery Zartler, Stuttgart, Germany, "Dog Boat"

Honorable Mention; Sgt. Tarson Mack, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Shelly"

Honorable Mention: Fumi Hinman, Yongsan, Korea, "Happy Anniversary Steve"

<b>Oil-Base Painting</b>


1st Place: Sharon Shaw, Fort Dix, N.J., "Early Sunset"

2nd Place: Lori Ann Seage, Yongsan, Korea, "Aurelia"

3rd Place: Andrew Washington, Heidelberg, Germany, "Together We Stand"

Honorable Mention: Master Sgt. Monika Moore, Fort Knox, Ky., "Monastery"

Honorable Mention: Hillarie Melcher, Grafenwoehr, Germany, "From the Shadows"


1st Place: Staff Sgt. Johnie Williams, Fort Lee, Va., "A Day At Sailing"

2nd Place: John Baldwin, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Tu Pac: Dear Momma"

3rd Place: Spc. Theodis Jones, Fort Polk, La., "Brother and Sister"

Honorable Mention: John Baldwin, Fort Stewart, Ga., "Summer Bre"

Honorable Mention: Jiyeon Pereira, Fort Sill, Okla., "Study after Cezanne Still-Life"



1st Place: Lauretta Kreider, Vicenza, Italy, "Splash!"

2nd Place: Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., "Dissolve"

3rd Place: Anni Mirka Kim, Fort Stewart, Ga., "70 Percent of Grains"


1st Place: Merry Thaden, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., "Big Bang"

<b>Water-Base Painting


1st Place: Sgt. Maria Li, Camp Stanley, Korea, "Stream"

2nd Place: Anji Johnston, Yongsan, Korea; "The Secret Garden"

3rd Place: Mary Beth Crane, Stuttgart, Germany, "Tuscan Still Life I"

Honorable Mention: Mark Bradbury, Fort Carson, Colo., "After Round-Up"

Honorable Mention: Karin Vanattia, Schweinfurt, Germany, "A Place in the Garden"


1st Place: Jiyeon Pereira, Fort Sill, Okla., "Self-Portrait Series Analogous Scheme Gouache"

2nd Place: Cora Duchene, Fort Riley, Kan., "Little White Church on the Prairie"

3rd Place: Terry Flemings, Fort Hood, Texas, "Waldo's Porch in Spring"

Honorable Mention: Huisuk Mathis, Yongsan, Korea, "Water Wheel"

Honorable Mention: Teresita Stenseth, Yongsan, Korea, "Table Scene"

Honorable Mention: Laurel Yatsko, Stuttgart, Germany, "Celia as Styliane"



1st Place: Trevor Harding, Camp Zama, Japan, "Lewis Chessmen & Table"

2nd Place: Spc. David Draper, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, "Forever Warrior"

3rd Place: James Meekins, Fort Eustis, Va., "Bust of a Man"

Honorable Mention: James Meekins, Fort Eustis, Va., "Egyptian Awakening Mask"

Honorable Mention: Charles White, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., "Grandfather Clock"


1st Place: Donald Madill, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., "Chip-Carved Cross"

2nd Place: Clyde Keiper, Fort Campbell, Ky., "Lotus Jewelry Box"

3rd Place: Spc. Lucas Laudadio, Camp Walker, Korea, "Wooden Sparrow"

Honorable Mention: Ruben Stella, Yongsan, Korea, "Stepper"

Honorable Mention: Brandon Windes (2), Stuttgart, Germany, "Maple Burl Bowl," "Mahogany Shelves"

(Tim Hipps writes for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command Public Affairs.)

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