Nickole Jackson, an information technology contract specialist, 409th Contracting Support Brigade, skates down the hall at the Theater Contracting Center in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Jackson plays on a roller derby team and goes by the stage name 'Queen Kole Bra.'

KAISERSLATERN, Germany. By day Nickole Jackson is ordering computers, printers and equipment for the Acquisition work force; by night she's busting up the ladies as a pushing, shoving roller skating derby queen.

Jackson, an information technology contracting specialist with the 409th Contracting Support Brigade here is a roller derby enthusiast in her spare time. Roller derby is an American-invented full contact sport. Its current incarnation is predominantly played by all-female teams. The game is based on formation roller skating around an oval track by two teams for points.

Unlike roller derby of the past, contemporary roller derby has strict rules and strong safety precautions. There's no rehearsed violence to create entertainment value as in the 1960s and 1970s - all the injuries you see are real.

"I've sported some pretty deep bruises, scrapes, and a few broken nails," states Jackson, "but it's all part of the fun. I'm getting into shape, getting out my aggression, and there is so much team building that we are like a family."

All the girls have stage names as part of their mystique.

"One thing people seem to really like is that the girls wear fish nets and have provocative names," chuckled Jackson, also known as Queen Kole Bra.

She took up the sport while living in Kaiserslautern because she thought it would be a great way to get in shape. She plays in the number four position which is the first line of defense against the jammer/scorer.

She skates with a group that is part of a private organization that supports the military, civilian and German communities. Her team is part of a European league that has regular bouts with other teams from Sweden, England, and France.

The sport even supports team workacross the league. "When we travel as individuals, we have the opportunity to skate with the various teams in the league around Europe," stated Jackson.

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