Oil Spill Cleanup
Sgt. David Craig, United Nations Command Honor Guard, Kim, Yong-chul and his brother Kim, Chan-guk help clean excess oil off rocks at Baeknipo Beach, Taean County, South Korea. Craig is part of the 8th U.S. Army relief effort for the West Sea oil spill. Soldiers volunteered to help South Koreans clean up the worst oil spill in the country's history. A Hong-Kong-registered oil tanker, the Hebei Spirit, leaked 10,500 tons of crude oil after it collided with a vessel off the western coast of South Korea Dec. 7. For more information, see: <a href="http://www.army.mil/-news/2008/01/15/7005-troops-continue-korean-oil-spill-cleanup"><b>Troops Continue Korean Oil Spill Cleanup</b></a>

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