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Third "Saber" Squadron, 7th Cav., 2HBCT presents their Adopt-A-School with a flag that had been flown over Afghanistan during the Midway Middle School Annual Veterans Day Breakfast, Nov. 9.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - On Veterans Day our Nation takes time to recognize the courage and honor displayed by the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, to show their appreciation for their fellow brethren, 3rd "Saber" Squadron, 7th U.S. Cavalry, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team partnered with their Adopt-A-School to recognize our Nation's Retired Veterans and those that serve on active duty during the Midway Middle School Annual Veterans Day Breakfast, Nov. 9.

"Our Annual Veterans Day breakfast is an opportunity to show our students with Military parents that we value and appreciate their parent's service to our country," said Debra Frazier, Midway Middle School principal.

Midway Middle School has a significant number of parents who serve in the Military or work on Fort Stewart or Hunter, Frazier said.

"We greatly appreciate our Military," Frazier said.

The event kicked off with the Saber Battalion color guard presenting the colors during the pledge of allegiance.

Guest speaker for the event, Lee Pierce, a retired Veteran whom spent 26 years in the Armed Forces before retiring in 1990, paid tribute to those who continue to serve on active duty.

"I love this country and I'm proud of all the men and women in uniform that continue to serve," Pierce said.

The Saber Battalion surprised everyone, especially the school Principal Frazier, by presenting the School with a flag that had been flown over Afghanistan.

At the conclusion of the event, Frazier, thanked the Retired Veterans and those men and women who serve on Active duty for attending.

"Your willingness to provide services to our students has increased public awareness of the Army's mission to those within the community and allows us to makes events like this successful," Frazier said.

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