Employees discuss concerns in AFAP conference
During the outbriefing for Anniston Army Depot's Army Family Action Plan Conference, delegates briefed Depot Commander Col. Timothy Sullivan on two issues.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- There were 15 issues raised during the depot's annual Army Family Action Plan Conference, held Oct. 25.

The AFAP conference is comprised of delegates from various directorates on the depot as well as active duty military, retired military, retired civilians and spouses. This allows the concerns of those groups to be addressed.

By addressing issues important to them, changes can be made to policies, procedures and even laws, depending upon the issue and its recommended solution.

The event, which normally lasts two days and has 36 delegates, was restricted by funding to one day with 12 delegates.

The 15 issues discussed were:

• Insurance for GSA vehicles

• Sick leave incentive

• Motorcycle parking

• Temporary and term employee layoffs

• CPAC customer service

• Directional signs on the installation

• Hand towels

• Mobile food truck service

• Voting for union officers

• Free weights in Nichols Cardio Center

• Clock in the ladies sauna of the Physical Fitness Center

• Ice machine for DPW shops

• Packaged silverware and condiments

• Economic and size-portioned sandwiches

• Tongs in the Nichols Dining Facility

"All the issues will be resolved locally, with the possible exception of the insurance coverage for GSA vehicles," said Amanda Mullinax, AFAP coordinator, adding the depot commander determines which issues must be addressed by ANAD's higher headquarters.

This was the second AFAP conference held in the 2011 calendar year, the other being held in February. Mullinax said the change from February to October puts the depot's conference in line with TACOM Life Cycle Management Command and Army Materiel Command.

Despite the conference's short time frame, delegates discussed each topic and developed solutions or questions. Mullinax will track the progress of each topic and plans to provide responses in future issues of TRACKS.

Jim Webb, director of community and family activities for the depot, said the conference's main purpose is to address quality of life issues. He was present for the first AFAP conference held at the depot, more than a decade ago, and said the installation has progressed dramatically since that time, when 240 issues were discussed.

"We have come a long way, which is a tribute to the command here to address the issues that have arisen over the years," said Webb.

Webb said he would like to eventually see AFAP discussions take place year-round in a virtual setting where employees can submit issues any time and play a role in developing solutions.

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