Career Program 20, Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance) (QASAS), is a unique career program in several ways. The QASAS program is the Department of the Army's oldest civilian career program, dating to 1920. Starting as interns, the QASAS receives 12 months of classroom training at the U. S. Army Defense Ammunition Center (DAC), in McAlester, Okla., followed by 12 months of on-the-job training at an ammunition depot, before becoming journeypersons. Careerists are assigned throughout the world, and are there to support Soldiers by ensuring they have serviceable safe ammunition. While QASAS belong to their assigned organizations, moves are centrally directed by DAC's Ammunition Civilian Career Management Office.

In many ways, CP20 mirrors the military, all QASAS are bound to mandatory mobility and promotions are centralized within the career program. In order to determine the best qualified personnel for promotion during the upcoming year, the career program holds an annual promotion panel. The promotion panel, based on panel results, determines the QASAS of the Year (QOY) for each grade level.

The Ammunition Civilian Career Management Office is pleased to announce the QASAS of the Year awards for 2011.

James Zaleski was selected among the GS-11 careerists. Zaleski, QASAS intern Group 78, started his QASAS career in October 1987. His assignments have taken him to Seneca Army Depot, Letterkenny Army Depot, Tobyhanna Army Depot, and Kuwait. In June 2011, James became an action officer at Headquarters, Joint Munitions Command.

Clark Combs and Pauline Eads share the QOY award for GS-12s. Combs, a member of intern Group 73, began his QASAS career in 1986. He has had assignments at Blue Grass Army Depot, Germany, Uijongbu, Korea, and Joint Munitions Command. Clark has been an action officer at HQ, US Army Europe since February, 2010.

Eads, a member of QASAS intern Group 87, began her QASAS career in September 1995. Her experience includes assignments at Anniston Army Depot, Deseret Chemical Depot, and Redstone Arsenal, AL. Pauline is currently an action officer at DAC.

Charles (Chuck) Fowler was selected among the GS-13s. Fowler began his QASAS career in intern Group 66, in February 1984. He completed his on-the-job training at Blue Grass Army Depot, Richmond, KY. He has had a variety of assignments including Panama, the Army National Guard at Camp Navajo, DAC, Vilseck, Germany, AMC Europe, Toxic Chemical Demil Facility, Tooele, Tooele Army Depot, Miesau, Germany, as well as assignment in Iraq. Currently, Fowler is an action officer and the senior QASAS at Headquarters, National Guard Bureau.

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