FORT RILEY, Kan. -- The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Haunted House spanned multiple rooms and three stories.

Ashley Stevens, Junction City High School senior, went through the haunted house, but didn't see a large portion of it.

"I don't really know how a lot of it was because I was buried in my friend's back," she said. "I didn't want anything to touch me. The moments I did have my eyes open freaked me out."

About 35 BOSS Soldiers volunteered to get made up and scare spectators Oct. 27 to 30 at Building 7036 on Custer Hill.

Pfc. Kat Lehr, Company B, 601st Aviation Support Battalion, Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, was dressed as Bloody Mary and was the first fright for most guests. Guided groups were led into a dark bathroom by the entrance and instructed by their guide to say, "Bloody Mary," three times while looking into a mirror. Lehr then came in and grabbed a volunteer, who acted like they were part of the group, and dragged them away while screaming.

Lehr said her favorite part was watching people's reactions.

"You see a lot of funny stuff," she said. "You see a lot of crazy stuff. It's harder to scare some people because they just stand there and look at you, but it's great when you get (those) people who scream and wet themselves."

Lehr said she was glad to get out of the barracks and volunteer for the haunted house.

"It's actually really fun to see it all come together," she said.

Sgt. Adam Millican, BOSS president, was thrilled with the volunteer support he got from single Soldiers.

"We had an outstanding show up for the volunteers," he said. "They're all really motivated."

Millican said the increased budget and professional makeup helped take the annual BOSS moneymaker to the next level.

"We've interviewed some of the people (who) have come out of the haunted house, and they're telling us this is the best BOSS haunted house that's ever been put on, so we're just really ecstatic," he said.

Millican said his favorite part of the haunted house was the clown room, which he was in.

"I'm personally afraid of clowns," he said. "I hate clowns, and that's why I am a clown. I figured that's my way of getting over the fear of clowns is becoming a clown. My favorite part of being in a haunted house is the look on people's faces when they're about to wet themselves."

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