Take a moment and step back.

That's the advice of Lavern Olmstead, acting safety director at U.S. Army-Garrison Natick, who assured that a little care could prevent an accident.

"My primary philosophy for safety in general is look a step ahead," Olmstead said. "Take a breath. Take five seconds."

Olmstead spoke as Natick Soldier Systems Center employees visited exhibits inside Lord Community Oct. 14 during the annual Fall/Winter Safety Day. They were greeted by 18 exhibitors ranging from Bass Pro Shops to the Town of Natick Fire and Rescue. All offered tips on how to stay safe and healthy as the seasons changed.

"I thought our Safety Office did a wonderful job bringing in exhibits that addressed safety in the home as well as the workplace," said Natick Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Warren. "Safety is relevant all day, every day.

"We have to continue to emphasize the importance of mitigating risk by emphasizing safety in our plans and in the execution of our daily routines."

Warren said that he was pleased to see Natick Soldiers contribute to the Safety Day exhibit.

"I was very proud to see them educating our community about cold-weather injuries," Warren said. "With the winter months approaching, safety takes on a whole new (meaning)."

The colder months present such unique hazards as wet leaves, snow and ice. Sometimes, they can hide further trouble.

"The leaves have been there," Olmstead said. "What are they covering?"

If it's a pothole, an ordinarily simple task can quickly produce an injury.

"You're going to be carrying something from your house to your car. You've done it a thousand times," Olmstead said. "Think about what you're doing. When you're mad, frustrated, rushed -- anything like that -- that's when it happens."

Olmstead and the exhibitors sought to prevent such mishaps by sharing as much information as possible.

"I was trying to get agencies and companies that would have that information for fall and winter," Olmstead said. "People get a chance to come here and talk to the professionals and ask them the questions that they didn't realize they wanted to ask until they saw them."

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