FORT CAMPBELL, KY, October 6, 2011--Silent professionals fill the ranks of the Soldiers and civilians working at Fort Campbell. Among them is Jim Greer, Army Field Support Battalion-Campbell.

"I'm the support operations officer here for the battalion," said Greer. "There are multiple departments and multiple programs that fall underneath my realm."

Currently the main focus is resetting the 101st Airborne Division's equipment. Depending on what the division, brigades and tenant units need determines what they are doing. They are also in charge of equipment left behind during deployments. They perform maintenance on that equipment while service members are gone. They are also in charge of equipment for pre-deployment training that isn't available for every unit such as Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. Those are the three main programs they are involved with; his work also involves many other logistical type operations.

For his hard work and dedication, Greer was nominated by his coworkers for the 2010 Army Sustainment Command Commanding General Award for Excellence. Out of approximately 2,000 nominees, he was among 10 individuals selected to receive the award.

"Every year they get nominations from the field," said Lt. Col. Stephen Brock, AFSBn-Campbell commander. "The intent is to recognize individuals for excellence."

He is humble about being among those receiving the award. He explained it may be his name on the award, but that it represents the hard work and dedication of some many people how work at Fort Campbell.

"That reward is a direct recognizition of what we do as a Fort Campbell logistics team," said Greer. "It's a huge team here. I tell people all the time we make pizza and everybody here brings an ingredient…at the end of the day we're able to cook the pizza because everybody is experts at bringing their ingredients. I hope that it's recognized as a whole team award. I've got the best logisticians in the Army here."

"He pushes for those who work for and around him -- those are the guys who did it," said Brock about Greer earning the award. "He's a very humble person…he'd much rather be out fishing or hunting than getting nominated for an award like this."

Brock explained Greer is a hard worker and has a lot to share with other because of his military and civilian experience.

"He's a great asset here," said Brock. "He is a wealth of knowledge."

Greer finished out his enlistment at Fort Campbell before joining the ranks of the civilian employees here. He feels his experience as a Soldier has helped him as a civilian.

"I retired here from active duty at Fort Campbell in 2004," said Greer. "Most of my time I spent in support operations, so very similar to what I am doing now.

Earning the award means a lot to the logistical community here at Fort Campbell and around the world. To have someone within a specific organization named reflects their hard work as well as that of many others. Brock and Greer are proud someone from Fort Campbell earned the award because it means others recognize the hard work and dedication of the logistical community here.

"It's an award for everybody here," said Brock. "[Greer's] the guy receiving it, but he's kind of the front man for all the work that goes on here. He does a great job."

"It means to me its recognition for the whole team here on Fort Campbell," said Greer. "Really and truly I think the award recognizes more than just our organization. We've got folks in the G4; we've got folks in the G6...the [Directorate of Logistics guys]. We're all from different organizations, but they truth is we're like a big Family and of our separate organizations are only as good as the rest of the organizations that make up the team. I've done nothing to deserve this award, but the team here on Fort Campbell from across the whole division...I hope this shines some light on the whole community."

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