On a clear, cool night the 9th Brigade, Iraqi Special Operation Forces hosted a dinner for the 407th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division at Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq, Sept. 28. A video showing the ISOF in action during a simulated improvised explosive attack, clearing a room and evacuating a wounded soldier was played for senior leaders of 407th BSB before the meal.
"You have helped us so much with logistical, mechanical and medical training that has improved our standard of living," said the commander of the 9th Brigade ISOF.
Since May, the 407th Paratroopers have been advising training and assisting the ISOF counterparts in an effort to improve maintenance, logistics and medical capabilities.
A feast of traditional Iraqi food was laid out on a long table under the night sky. Lamb kabobs, roast chicken, rice and bread were just some of the food artfully displayed on the table.
It was in celebration of the successful partnership between the two units and to say goodbye as 407th will be transitioning out of Iraq in the near future.
Commander of the 9th Brigade said, "we have learned a great deal from U.S. Forces we would prefer it if you could stay longer but it is not our decision."
Cpt. Luis Scott Bartholomew company commander of Headquarters Company, 407th, said "We have been training they're medics and mechanics for the past four months. But, when the ISOF gained enough knowledge and experience to train their own Soldiers, we knew we had taught them all that we could," He said.

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