2-1st ADA Battalion holds anti-terrorism exercise
Sgt. Robert Navarro (second from left) briefs his vehicle search team before training for force protection measures at Camp Carroll.

CAMP CARROLL, South Korea - Soldiers from D Battery, 2-1st Air Defense Artillery Battalion conducted Quick Reaction Force training here Sept. 27 as a part of a quarterly exercise.

The 12-Soldier team conducted vehicle searches and occupied defensive positions at one of the post's vehicle gates.

The exercise was not because of a change in the force protection level, but rather a quarterly training event aimed at keeping force protection and anti-terrorism skills sharp.

Anti-terrorism and force protection tactics are quite different from the 2-1st ADA Battalion's wartime mission of providing defense from ballistic missiles, but these skills are important for all Soldiers according to Capt. Larry Summers, the 2-1st intelligence officer. These training events are necessary, Summers said, in case of a "situation regarding Camp Carroll posturing against force protective measures."

Although the exercise on lasted a few hours, the Soldiers who participated felt that the event was good practice for skills they feel must be maintained.

"This is good training for everyone who hasn't done this outside of AIT [Advanced Individual Training] yet," said Sgt. Robert Navarro, team leader for the vehicle search team.

Navarro led his team as they conducted vehicle checks of inbound traffic.

"This is a great opportunity to train in an environment that isn't quite so hostile yet," Navarro said. "The Soldiers can get some safe practice before they might have to do this for real."

Pvt. Tyler Draves served on Navarro's team and provided overwatch while the vehicles were searched.

"I've never done this kind of training in a line unit before," Draves said. "I think it's important to do this kind of training because even though we're air defense, that doesn't mean we won't be asked to do something else in the future."

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