Numerous Families filled Belvoir Cub Scout Pack 118's hut for Join Scouting Night Sept. 15.

New and returning children were registered for the year-long program by their parents.

Pack leaders spoke about the positives of the programs and children obtained t-shirts, uniforms, Scouting accounts and a den home.

Children from Belvoir's Boy Scout Troop 118 demonstrated activities that new children would participate in as Scouts.

Pack leaders estimated about 40 boys signed up to be part of the organization, which now has about 130 members in 12 dens.

On Sept. 30, the Cub Scouts will have a Pack meeting open to all Families interested in signing their child up.

"If you want to have fun this is the place to be in Scouting," said Jim Nelson, assistant Cubmaster.

Cub Scouting is the first stage of the Boy Scouts of America's program. The age range is from seven to 10 years old or from first to fifth grade.

Sean McDonald, committee chair of the pack, said the overall scouting program is designed to help young people build character, learn citizenship and develop personal fitness.

Children participate in activities such as fishing, biking, swimming and camping trips.

Cub Scouts, as the first phase of the program, connects the entire Family to the process of child development.

There are four ranks for Cub Scouts.

Boys start at the lowest rank, which is the Tiger Cub, and then work their way up the Webelos Scout.

Children must complete the achievements in each rank to acquire the badges associated with the ranks.

Pack 118 emphasizes Family participation.

"Cub scouting is not a day care service," McDonald said. "The parents have to be involved."

To ensure a Family experience, Tiger Scouts' achievements strongly coincide with activities requiring parent involvement such as visiting fire stations, museums and basketball games among.

Maj. Dan Lovett, National Guard Bureau program manager believes this is vital component of Pack 118.

"It gives me a forum where I can spend quality time with my son," said Lovett, who said Scouting has helped build his son's self-confidence and character.

As the Scout acquires higher rank, achievements become more individual based, which prepares them for Boy Scouting.

Nelson, who describes his three year experience with the pack as being phenomenal, said Pack 118 is a lively group.

"You can just see the energy level in the boys, they just want more," Nelson said.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Sachs, Office of Military Commissions prosecutor, who said the program allows his sons to learn life skills such as self-reliance and self-esteem.

"It's realizing that hard things can be done," said Sachs, whose son is more adept to proving that they can overcome new challenges.

He said Scouting provides him an opportunity to engage in activities with his son without worrying about computer or other technological distractions.

McDonald said that the interested Families who missed Join Scouting Night can still join. The pack accepts new memberships throughout the year and they should contact the Membership Chair at (703) 781-0019.

McDonald encouraged people to attend the Pack Meeting on Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. in the Scout hut.

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