SFAC offers compassionate care for Warriors
Sgt. 1st Class John Smith and Sgt. 1st Class Dave Steele talk outside the SFAC.

Army Community Service's Soldier and Family Assistance Center is up and almost running at full speed.

Located next to the Warrior Transition Barracks in Bldg. 1263, near the hospital, it provides access in a central location for numerous services Soldiers and Families need.

The SFAC provides information and referral services; entitlements and benefits counseling; emergency financial assistance; child care; substance abuse counseling; lodging resources; family services; social services assistance; crisis intervention; stress management; and legal assistance.

Adrina F. Scott, social service coordinator has an understanding with Soldiers that comes from 22 years of experience in the military as a former sergeant first class and as a spouse.

"You understand what the rigors and demands of being a Soldier and Soldiers are comfortable sharing so that you can provide them and their Families with solutions and alternatives to their problems," said Scott.

Scott stated she finds helping Soldiers and others reach their full potential rewarding.

"Saving lives, marriages, and Families is my biggest success story," she added.

Yobana Heaslip, wife of Pfc. Chad Heaslip, cannot thank the SFAC enough.

"Everyone is there for you in every aspect, from the smallest problem to the largest; they all are very welcoming, accommodating and supportive," said Heaslip. "We would not have made it without them. They all have my husband's and my deepest gratitude for the commitment that they make to Soldiers and their Families."

Master Sgt. Naman Bradley provides Soldiers with guidance on pay allowance continuation, life insurance and combat-related special compensation.

"What motivates me is that I've been right there in combat with," he said.

Bradley is positive and warmed by the attitudes of Soldiers he helps.

"Every wounded soldier that I've helped always comes back and says thank you, just when it should be the opposite." He continued. "We owe it to our injured warriors."

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