FORT STEWART, Ga. - Everything that we do revolves around technology. From the Internet to cell phones, it has become a major part of our daily lives.

At one time, e-mail was the way teenagers communicated, but now Instant Messaging, text messaging and Skype has been the preferred choice for communicating. It may be our preferred choice; however, is it really helping with our communication skills? For the most part, teens use these resources for entertainment, not as a way to broaden our minds. If we were to take technology and use it to our advantage, we would be much more successful not only in school, but also in the way we communicate with adults, as well as our peers.

Most of the schools use technology in the class rooms with tools such as smart boards, laptops and tablets. A Smart Board is a white board that turns your computer and data into a powerful tool for teaching and presenting power point presentations. On the other hand, cell phones are permitted but NOT to be used during school hours because they are considered a distraction and many students have been caught using them to cheat during class. Since texting and the use of their abbreviations has become so widely used, it has affected many student's writing skills and teachers have to explain to them why it is not accepted in the business world.

Many parents have now embraced various ways they can use technology within their Families such as, quicker ways to communicate and the use of tracking devices to locate their children.

Because we live in a military community, Skype is a great way to communicate with loved ones.

However, you should never let technology interfere with your Family having meals together to inquire about each other's day and just enjoy one another's company.

With technology now being mobile, it makes it much easier for us to become consumed with being busy, which does not allow us to have any downtime. If we take a few hours out of the day and put our technology aside, it will allow us to become more balanced, help us to rejuvenate ourselves and we would have a much clearer mind to become more productive. We cannot let these distractions take us over. The best way to do that is by controlling how much time we spend using these devices.

Technology is the practical application of knowledge according to So are we as teens using this to our advantage? Or are we a generation that is going to become more introverted and lack social skills because we don't have to talk to anyone if we don't want to?

Since we have the tools, let's be practical and take advantage of this knowledge to help us accomplish even greater things!

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