With a hard strike using an axe, Maj. Gen. Jeffery Talley, the commander of the 84th Training Command, cut the ribbon on the Army Reserve unit’s new home in Grow Hall on Fort Knox during a ceremony Saturday.

“After two years of being stuffed into any temporary building we could find on Fort Knox, today we get it right. And they move into their permanent headquarters and their home, on this team of teams location known as Fort Knox,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley, the commander of the U.S. Army Accessions Command and Fort Knox.

“It’s a great day…for the United States Army, the 84th Training Command, and Fort Knox,” he added. “It’s also great to be here with the Railsplitters"the 84th"so ably led by Gen. Talley and Command Sgt. Maj. Zebrauskas.”

Lt. Gen. Freakley also welcomed a special guest among the attendees, Charles Herd Sr., a World War II veteran who served in the 84th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. Mr. Herd was accompanied by family members who were also recognized. He was presented with a framed copy of the Railsplitters’ lineage and thanked for his service.

“The 84th Railsplitters has a phenomenal and rich history,” said Lt. Gen. Freakley. “It goes back to"at least they claim"Abraham Lincoln. And it goes forward in time through the Battle of the Bulge with great leaders like Mr. Herd. It’s reported that Henry Kissinger served in this famous division. Today we’ve got these wonderful Soldiers in ranks that continue the tradition of the 84th.

“The 84th Training Command is central to the Army’s generating force and those organizations that recruit, equip, train, and sustain our Army. And it is entirely appropriate that the Army’s premier reserve unit is co-located with Recruiting Command, Cadet Command, Human Resources Command, the 100th Division, and the ARRTC for the combined strength here. You all will bring the realization to the Army, that strength for our Army starts on Fort Knox.

“It’s my understanding that mission of the 84th TRN CMD will continue to grow and will soon have functional oversight of all Army Reserve institutional training. And we know, all of us, that Jeff Talley and his Railsplitters are up to the task.”

Lt. Gen. Freakley then introduced Maj. Gen. Talley who took the podium and welcomed the guests.

“What a proud day it is for the 84th Training Command as we dedicate this beautiful, yet humble building, Grow Hall. As our new headquarters, it’s a magnificent facility that bridges the traditional architecture of Fort Knox past with the efficient needs that our Army units need today,” said Maj. Gen. Talley. “Like this building, though, the 84th links the past with the present. Remember our honor, our lineage as the 84th Infantry Division, whose heroic past is visible by the many combat streamers hanging from the colors behind me.”

The commander reiterated the rumor that Abraham Lincoln had been an early member of the 84th. Maj. Gen. Talley also informed the audience that he in fact had confirmed that Henry Kissinger was a member of the unit.

“So we have a great past, but we have a great future as we forge our new future in the Army Reserve as the executing agent to train, assess, and certify the readiness of all Soldiers and units as they prepare for mobilization and deployment,” he said.

“Today’s ceremony is not just about a building, it’s about much more,” added Maj. Gen. Talley before concluding his speech.

An open house and reception inside the new headquarters followed the ceremony.

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