Military Teen Talk: Social status, who needs it?
Kari Villafane, Fort Stewart Public Affairs Teen Volunteer

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Remember growing up you had a friend and it did not matter about where they lived, what they wore or even the color of their skin? Well, something happens around the time we approach middle school and all of that suddenly begins to change. But where does this come from? Is it because you are simply just trying to fit in, the influence of your parents or is the problem much deeper than that?

It’s the time of the year where everyone is going back to school and it’s important for us to be more aware of what we do, what we say, and how we respond. We live in a society where everyone watches everything you do and with all the many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you have to be even more conscientious. Studies show that most of the bullying is taking place through social networking sites. It is so much easier for teens to bully online just to increase their social status but what they do not realize is, it’s hurting their peers in the process.

We have to change the way we think, act and treat each other.

Before we decide to post that comment or even say something negative to that kid walking by in the hallway, do two things, 1. Think about the consequences and 2. Think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes. So let’s challenge ourselves to be more open minded and introduce ourselves to someone we wouldn’t normally speak to, or we could even sit next to someone new at lunch. This is a new school year, so let’s all have a new attitude.

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