SKIES Unlimited New Facility
Karvellis Lee looks forward to welcoming Redstone-connected children in October to the new facility that will house SKIES Unlimited programs, including martial arts, tap dance, tumbling and theater classes.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--Karvellis Lee is looking forward to inviting Redstone-connected children to the new home of SKIES Unlimited.

In October, the doors will open at the SKIES Unlimited multi-purpose facility (building 3153) situated on Youth Center Road between the Youth Center and Child Development Services.

And with the new 5,568-square-foot facility, Lee believes SKIES Unlimited will definitely take a big step forward in providing the best services around for children wanting to explore their talents, skills and interests.

“SKIES Unlimited is pretty unique because it’s an instructional program for any child who has an interest they want to explore,” the former educator said. “We take all kids. If they want to learn how to play softball, we teach them the basic rules of the sport. If they want to learn keyboard, we teach them the basics to play music on a keyboard. We teach the rules and build a foundation for a child’s enjoyment.”

SKIES stands for the School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills. It is an instructional program offered through Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation’s Child Youth and School Services Program for ages 2 to 19. It includes classes in martial arts, dance, SAT/ACT prep, driver’s education, piano, guitar, percussion/drums, tennis, tumbling, tap dance and theater.

“Classes are offered on a month-by-month basis, meaning that children can try an interest and, if they don’t enjoy it, they can easily go on to something else,” Lee said. “Parents are only obligated to pay class fees a month at a time. Our goal is to help a child find the things that they enjoy and that keep them on task. That’s what will make them successful.”

SKIES Unlimited’s new facility will provide the much-needed space to run the programs, many of which require a large area for physical activities.

“With the influx of children in our programs, we have been running out of space,” Lee said. “We have been using the Youth Center and School Age Services facilities for our programs. But that is becoming more difficult because of their growing numbers, especially during the summer months. This facility will give us the space we need, and it will also benefit the Child Development Center, which can use our space during the weekdays when school-age children are in school.”

For more information on SKIES Unlimited, call Lee at 876-6844 or email

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