Brig. Gen. Rogers Visits LEMC
CAAA CEA John Boling, JMC Commanding General Brig Gen James Rogers and CAAA Commander Col Charles Kibben receive a briefing from Ralph Peters, LEMC's Army Tactical Missile System CTX, as they tour LEMC's ATACMS maintenance facility Nov. 15.

Letterkenny, Pa. -- Letterkenny Munitions Center hosted Brig. Gen. James E. Rogers, Commanding General of Joint Munitions Command, Nov 15, presenting a strong overview of the center's progress in meeting the high demands for fiscal year 2008.

On hand for the visit were Crane Army Ammunition Activity Commander Col. Charles Kibben and Civilian Executive Assistant John Boling. After a series of briefings on the current state of operations at Letterkenny, the guests were given a tour of key sites.

Rogers heard a variety of briefings regarding LEMC, including the center's direct labor man-hour execution, which has exceeded in its direct labor man-hour execution plan so far in fiscal year 2008. There also was a discussion on the recruit/fill process and a briefing on LEMC's partnership initiatives with private industry. Some of the other topics briefed were R3 Demilitarization initiatives and Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt projects.

According to Rich Kutzler, LEMC Administrative Officer, "Brig. Gen. Rogers was elated that Letterkenny Munitions Center was the front runner in reinvesting scrap proceeds generated from ammunition/missile demilitarization and how LEMC utilized Lean Six Sigma to develop the process for selling scrap metal. He said that LEMC was one of the first to forward money to PM Demil and get a return on investment. This is good news that the Army is finally receiving money back for the Demilitarization program."

Kutzler added that Rogers was glad that a LEMC employee is now serving as a member on the Joint Munitions Command's Lean Six Sigma Project to develop a similar process for all installations to use.

According to LEMC Acting Director Vincent Myers, Brig. Gen. Rogers also noted he was "pleased that LEMC is ahead of its Direct Labor Man-Hour Execution Plan for FY2008."

During the visit, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers provided Rogers, Kibben, and Boling a tour LEMC's new Less than Truck Load Facility. They also visited LEMC's container outloading operations, Machine Shop, Non-Destructive Testing (X-Ray) Facility, and several missile maintenance facilities. An Air Force representative was on hand to explain LEMC's Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile demilitarization efforts.

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