Pvt. Jamie Sampson began to shake and cry during her first formation. When a drill sergeant approached the young woman, she began to cry even more. Eventually, however, she realized if she continued to cry, it would only make her situation worse.
Five weeks later and Sampson has changed dramatically since her first day of Basic Combat Training with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment.
"I am so much more confident of myself and my abilities since I first came in," said the 18 year old from Crestview, Fla. "I have also learned a lot about teamwork and how to work with people you don't necessarily like, or get along with."
A 68D Operating Room Specialist, Sampson also was able to get over her lifelong fear of heights thanks to Victory Tower.
"My fear of heights was paralyzing. I was so nervous when we did Victory Tower," Sampson said. "But I did it and I conquered my fear of heights."
Sampson is just one of 140 men and women assigned to Co. C, 2nd Bn., 13th Inf. Reg. making that transformation from civilian to Soldier. And as the company prepares to enter its sixth week of BCT, the Soldiers begin their three-day field training exercise.
"Once we finish this FTX we will transition to the last phase of training," said Capt. Kevin Tann, company commander. "We are focusing on urban operations and reiterating first aid. We are stepping it up a notch and will have them react to direct and indirect fire."
The three-day FTX began Monday with a five-mile road march to the 193rd Contemporary Operating Environment near Wildcat and Dixie roads. Once they settled in and ate chow, the company was given a tactical demonstration of what they would be doing for the next 72 hours.
"We show them what right looks like and they must then demonstrate that to us during the STX (situation training exercise) Lanes," he said. "They will be entering and clearing rooms and reacting to direct and indirect fire in a city-like environment."
Cultural awareness is also stressed to the Soldiers with mock mosques and school buildings set up at the 193rd COE. During the second evening of their three-day FTX, the Soldiers will do the night infiltration course and event trail.
During the next four weeks, the Soldiers will go through U.S. Weapons Training, which includes the .50 Caliber M-2, M-126 AT-4, M-240B Machine Gun, M-249 Machine Gun and hand grenades. They will also visit Omaha Beach Range for buddy team movements and mounted convoy operations at Anzio Range.

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