Excitement and nervousness filled the air last week as 140 men and women sat waiting to be picked up by their new drill sergeants for nine weeks of Basic Combat Training.
Following almost a week of paperwork, haircuts, medical evaluations and other in-processing procedures, many new Soldiers at the 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) were ready to begin their transformation from civilian to Soldier. Others, however, were a little anxious about the training that lies ahead in Company C, 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment.
"I'm terrified," Pvt. Rebecca Schwab said while studying her Initial Entry Training Handbook and waiting to be picked up by her drill sergeants. "I have been reading what to expect in basic, but you never know."
Others assigned to the company, however, were eager to get started on their transformation.
"I am not really nervous. I am excited," said Pfc. Chris Bell. "We have been waiting here at reception for a while now. I am ready to start training right now."
Bell would get his wish in less than an hour. After loading onto four buses, the company travelled from reception straight to the Fit to Win Course I, where the new Soldiers ran off the bus to form their first formation before running through the obstacle course.
Next, the Soldiers were brought to their battalion area and were shown their quarters where they would live for the next nine weeks. Eventually, they were escorted to their dining facility for dinner to cap off their first day of BCT.
During the first few days, Soldiers are given an Army Physical Fitness Test, learn drill and ceremony, and receive values classes in appropriate behavior and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.
Week Two in BCT marks the transition from the classroom to the field with training events such as Victory Tower, unarmed combatives, teamwork development course, first aid training, map reading and the compass course.

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