ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. -- Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, world-wide threat to our nation and to our Army forces. The Army community must seek to understand the threat, detect and deter terrorist activities, ward and defend against the full range of terrorist tactics. Antiterrorism awareness themes seek to focus efforts and instill Army-wide heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect the Army community and critical resources from acts of terrorism.

Employment of random antiterrorism measures … change the look of your organization's security program, be creative use random, multiple security measures at doors; be observant, challenge unknown individuals in your area defeat surveillance attempts, if you see something, say something, dial 911, make it difficult to predict your actions, and remember to change up your routine.

Surveillance: What to look for: * Use of binoculars, cameras or sketch pads inconsistent with ordinary tourist interest. * Taking measurements of sites. * Notes locations of entrances, guard posts, security cameras, etc. * Unusual interest in facility procedures. * Shift changes, security checks, incident responses, etc.

Assessing facility procedures and responses: * Attempts to enter without credentials. * Possession or use of cloned vehicle. * Breaches or attempted breaches of security perimeters. * Possession of or attempts to obtain credentials, uniforms, passwords, or authorized vehicles. * Possession of fraudulent credentials or unauthorized genuine credentials. * Abandoned packages or vehicles. * Attempts to defeat facility security features (physical, procedural or cyber). * Possession of or attempts to obtain facility plans, schedules or procedures. * Attempts to pose as vendor, contractor or other authorized personnel. * Attempts to smuggle contraband into or out of facility. * Acquisition or possession of explosives, explosive precursors or toxic chemicals

If you see anyone taking photos, or any other suspicious activity on or around Rock island Arsenal and associated facilities, immediately contact the RIA Police at (309) 782-6116 or 911 or the installation Antiterrorism Officers: Ed Peterson / Mike Luchner at (309) 782-0116.

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