Youth and Families participate in “Kicking for Fitness” program, at Fort Stewart’s Jordan Youth Gym, July 15. The program encourages Families to become more physically active while having fun.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Despite rain clouds, Family fun and laughter was found at Fort Stewart’s Jordan Youth Gym, July 15 during the “Kicking for Fitness” program. Families and youth as young as four-years-old took part in the program in an effort to become more physically active and encourage Family play time.

According to Craig Crawford, Child, Youth and School Services sports specialist at Jordan Youth Gym, the organized game of kickball was started one month earlier.

“Families and youth come out to play kickball simply to remain active and have fun,” said Crawford. “Each Friday night, the crowd gets bigger and bigger. The word must be getting out.”
Before the start of the game, players were given an informational guide to encourage Families to keep track of their physical activities each week.

An equivalency chart found on the inside of the guide help Families identify activities equivalent to running one mile.

For example, playing 25 minutes of kickball is equal to running one mile according to the informational guide given.

Each Family Member is encouraged to complete activities equivalent to running five miles per day. The user friendly guide also help Families chart their progress.

To complete the program, Families must complete 300 miles collectively according to Crawford.
Incentives are given to each Family Member for every 50 miles of completed activity. Some of the incentives given include t-shirts, water bottles and hand towels.

This program like others sponsored by Jordan Youth Gym makes physical activity fun, easy and enjoyable for the entire Family.

“Just seeing the smiles on the faces of youth and parents is rewarding,” said child youth program assistant and program creator Wilhelmena Bailey.

One of the participants, 16-years-old Kayla Rose said she comes out to the many programs like kickball to lose weight and become healthier.

“My parents and friends say I look great,” said Rose. “I feel awesome and I encourage anyone just to get active.”

“I encourage families to start with any kind of physical activity,” said Crawford. “Perhaps they can walk or go to the gym together. We offer numerous sports and fitness programs here at Jordan Youth Gym in order to get active. Just get out and do something you like to do as a Family.”

For more information on fitness programs offered by Jordan youth Gym call 767-4371/2815/9342/4496.

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