Incoming battalion commander, Lt. Col. Ken D. Boggs, leads the Soldiers of 92nd Engineers in pass and review as Col. Kent D. Savre, outgoing commander; Lt. Col. Diana M. Holland and her husband, James Holland, Jr., observe, during a change of command ceremony on Cottrell Field, June 23.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - The 92nd Engineer Battalion bade farewell to outgoing commander Lt. Col. Diana M. Holland and welcomed Lt. Col. Ken D. Boggs during its change of command ceremony June 23 on Cottrell Field.

Every step of the way [Lt. Col. Holland] was at the helm, ensuring these great Soldiers and their Families were well cared for,” said Col. Kent D. Savre, commander of Fort Hood’s 36th Engineer Brigade, parent unit for the 92nd Engineers. “She is a truly spirited warrior-leader who established this unit as one of the finest in the Army.”

Lieutenant Colonel Holland said she would never have enough time or words to thank everyone she wanted to, but she did take the time to thank her father, who has always been an important influence in her life, and her husband who, like all Army spouses, has been put through a lot.

“A commander could not ask for a better team of leaders than I have had,” Lt. Col. Holland said. “It was truly a dream team. Even if I could, I wouldn’t change one day of the past three years, nor would I replace a single person on this team. That is a pretty good feeling.”

Though it is hard to leave, Lt. Col. Holland said she takes comfort in knowing that she is leaving the Soldiers in the capable hands of Lt. Col. Boggs. She said she knows he is the right officer for the job, and under his leadership, the battalion will thrive.

“With a superb reputation and a wealth of experience, [Lt. Col. Boggs] stood out as the most promising selection to command this battalion,” Col. Savre said. “He has served in a variety of challenging leadership positions, is tested in combat, and has always excelled.”

Lieutenant Colonel Boggs, who is a graduate of Ranger School, Jumpmaster School, Airborne School and the Jungle Warfare Course, said he was excited to assume the reins of the 92nd Engineers. “It is an honor for Mara [Boggs’ wife] and I to be joining this proud battalion,” he said.

He added that he was impressed with the Soldiers of the 92nd Engineers.

“You look great,” he continued. “Thank you for your service and all the sacrifices you and your Families have made.”

Lieutenant Colonel Boggs finished his speech by saying that Holland had every right to be the proudest Soldier on post due to their continued legacy of greatness.

“So today the colors were passed, signifying a change in commanders, but the Black Diamond Soldiers stand fast, proud and ready to move forward and build on their proud history of service to our Nation,” Col. Savre said.

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