KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Coalition Forces killed approximately 100 insurgents and wounded more than 40 while conducting combat operations in the Watahpur Valley, June 25-30, along the Afghan/Pakistan border.

Operation Hammer Down II disrupted insurgents operating and training throughout the Pech Valley area and also served as a means to continue the expansion of Afghan National Security Forces capabilities through partnered operations. Throughout the mission Coalition Forces sustained four killed in action and 18 wounded in action.

Coalition Soldiers from Task Force Bronco (3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division) partnered with Afghan National Army troops and air-assaulted into high ground surrounding the valley. Heavy insurgent fire began the next morning and continued for four days.

"This operation achieved its planned end-state," said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Chad Carroll, public affairs director for Regional Command-East. "Afghan and Coalition Security Forces decisively disrupted the enemy in the Pech and Watahpur Valleys."

OP Hammer Down II's successes were supported by close air support, continuous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and Army aviation.

Coalition intelligence officials estimate the achievements of this operation interrupted the enemy's training capabilities and disrupted them from making coordinated attacks against Coalition or ANSF for the next few weeks.

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