FORT BRAGG, N.C. - June has been designated as Fort Bragg Energy Awareness Month and the theme this year is “Energy, use it well.” There will be activities on Fort Bragg to highlight the energy we use and spread awareness about the importance of conservation, new technology and security.

Fort Bragg is working with federal, state and local government, private industry and the public on technologies including large-scale solar, biomass and geothermal to proactively shape our energy future and move the installation toward energy independence.

In theater, the Army has spearheaded initiatives in Iraq and Afghanistan to reduce vehicular fuel consumption, monitor energy use, insulate shelters, increase battery life, and reduce battery size and volume. These, and other operational energy improvements, boost performance and reduce vulnerabilities. It’s commonly accepted that energy is both a force multiplier and vulnerability.

Improving Army’s energy posture will enhance our combat capability in theater and support for combat capability at our fixed installations. By reducing the energy intensity of our equipment and facilities at home and in theater and through more efficient operations and better integration into our acquisition processes, we can lower operational risk, improve war fighter effectiveness, and reduce costs. When deployed, systems such as smart grids enable better energy awareness and management, in turn improving system responsiveness, reducing the chance of local shortages or excess capacity.

Here in North Carolina, as we enter into the hot part of summer, there are several things to consider regarding your electrical energy usage. One is that you can make a difference in the amount you pay by being aware of your consumption at certain times of day. The power you use on Fort Bragg is purchased wholesale by the Directorate of Public Works and the charges per unit of electricity are billed evenly to those who consume electricity. The more we use during high demand times, the more we pay per unit of energy.

Generally we have a very stable and low-cost rate, but during a few times of year, when electrical usage is at it’s peak, the cost of energy spikes at the wholesale level and those costs are passed along to all the tenants.

This year Fort Bragg wants you to help make a difference; so we have added additional resources to the Peak Energy Alert Program. This program is geared toward anyone on post who uses electricity, whether you pay a bill or not, you can make a positive difference.

Peak energy alerts is a voluntary program where energy consumers on Fort Bragg are encouraged to conserve or limit energy usage during peak times. “Peak” times are those when Fort Bragg is purchasing wholesale power at the highest prices. By cutting back on the amount of wholesale power purchased during these peak, high-priced periods, Fort Bragg can reduce its total wholesale power costs. Reductions in wholesale power costs are passed through directly to the tenants in our power cost adjustment, therefore directly affecting everyone on Fort Bragg.

Peak periods occur when the demand for electricity is the highest. Usually these are periods when it is very cold or hot outside. Anyone can participate in the program because we will notify everyone when it is urgent for you to turn back your thermostat setting during the heating season and raise the thermostat in the cooling season, curtail the use of major appliances and turn off all unnecessary lights in an effort to reduce the peak demand on our system.

The Bragg public affairs office will alert you of the peak energy alert time via an email message. There will also be messages on the Fort Bragg and FMWR Facebook pages. The messages will inform you of the anticipated day and time of the peak period to remind you of the importance to reduce energy consumption during this critical period. There will also be peak notices shown on a local television station as well.

Together we can beat the peak by using our electricity resources wisely, but your help is vitally important. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

By participating in the Peak Energy Alert program, you will assist Fort Bragg to lower the need to purchase wholesale power when prices are highest, help save energy resources and help the environment. Please provide your name, email address, and a list of actions you commit to take during peak energy alerts and send in an email to “The Energy Guy” at,

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