FORWARD OPERATING BASE PASAB, Afghanistan " Task Force Spartan medics and physicians here recently treated 18 Afghan men, women and children who were injured in a car accident.

An important tenet of the International Security Assistance Forces rules of engagement includes treating wounded civilians and enemies when they are found by ISAF Soldiers.

“We heard that there had been a car accident and there were people coming in who needed to be treated. We did have some time to prepare before they came, so we had everybody together " all the providers (and) all the medics we had available,” said Col. Melinda Cavicchia, officer in charge of Pasab’s medical facility, C Company, 710th Brigade Support Battalion.

Pasab has a Level 2 care facility, meaning medical personnel are equipped to provide emergency trauma care, dental care and physical therapy care. Patients who need surgical care must be evacuated to Kandahar Airfield. Of the 18 casualties the clinic staff treated, four had to be medically evacuated to KAF.

“We had our trauma bay set up with providers and medics at each bed,” said Cavicchia.
Upon arrival, the casualties were evaluated and some were treated for their injuries outside.

Nearly every medical Soldier on Pasab had to help with treating the injured Afghans. Although four of the accident victims were evacuated to Kandahar, the rest were treated at FOB Pasab and later released. A large number of Task Force Spartan interpreters and other medical professionals worked together and got the casualties treated safely.

“Afghan National Security Forces brought the casualties in; our command feels that if something happens, we have to (help),” said Maj. Jorge Reyes, civil-military operations planner for 3rd Brigade Combat Team. “It (shows that) International Security Assistance Forces are responsive to their needs and working with (the Afghan) government.”

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