• BAMC Lobby Conceptual Design

    BAMC Lobby Conceptual Design

    Completion 2011. BC

  • BAMC Conceptual Design

    BAMC Conceptual Design

    Completion 2011. BC

BAMC will undergo the construction of a consolidated tower, a parking facility, a central energy plant, and substantial renovations within the existing facility. In addition to maintaining services that are currently offered, SAMMC will host:

Additional operating rooms for Inpatient & Ambulatory Surgery
Pediatric sub-specialty clinics and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
All new Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suites and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Hematology Oncology Clinic and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

Renovations to the existing hospital began in January 2009. Approximately 314,000 sq. ft. of BAMC will be renovated to accommodate the increased inpatient mission and related specialty care.

Consolidated Tower:
Construction began in early 2009 on the nearly 760,000 sq. ft. tower on the east side of the facility adjacent to the current clinical building and medical mall. This addition will house administrative space, an Outpatient Pediatrics clinic, an expanded Emergency and Trauma department, surgical intensive care unit, critical care unit and Psychiatric nursing units.

Parking Garage:
As required in the BRAC scenario, 5,000 cars are to be accommodated for the upgraded medical facility through the construction of a parking garage facility.

Central Energy Plant:
Due to the substantial amount of additional square-footage to the BAMC facility, it is necessary to provide auxiliary heating and cooling capacities. This will be accomplished by constructing a 22,400 sq. ft., two-story central energy plant addition.

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