WATERVLIET ARSENAL, N.Y. -- The Watervliet Arsenal participated in two community events with the New York State Senate on June 14 to honor the State's Veterans, as well as to promote and celebrate the Army's Birthday.

Arsenal Commander Col. Mark Migaleddi was the keynote military speaker during the Senate's Veterans Hall of Fame Ceremony that honored select Veterans from each senator's home district. Veterans from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom were honored by the Senate.

Migaleddi said that just beyond the beautiful auditorium where the ceremony was taking place is the New York Senate chambers where important decisions are made that effect the health and welfare of the great state of New York.

But Migaleddi went on to remind the attendees that they were among those who have also made important decisions - albeit more personal decisions - but ones that have had a great effect not only on New York, but also on the nation. He was talking about the Veterans who were in attendance.

“I don’t know how you measure the level of patriotism that is inherent in all Americans, in these Veterans before us, but maybe we shouldn’t try,” Migaleddi said. “Maybe we should simply be thankful…in the purest sense of the word.”

After the ceremony and en route to the Senate chambers, Migaleddi took a minute to stop by the Arsenal’s convention-type display in the Legislative Building. This was the last week that the Senate was in session and it was also “Lobby Day.” The Arsenal, therefore, took the opportunity on one of the busiest days of the session to promote the Army’s Birthday, as well as to tell the Watervliet Arsenal story.

When the Senate went into session later in the day, the Arsenal was there to promote the Army’s Birthday.

“Much has changed since 1775, when our Army was once untrained farmers, merchants and tradesmen who used their own rifles,” Migaleddi said.

“What has not changed, however, is the fighting spirit and values of the American Soldier. From the Battle of Saratoga to Kandahar, your Army has carried the warrior spirit with them,” Migaleddi added.

On the occasion of our Army’s Birthday, the Arsenal did its part to share this historical and important event with the New York State Senate.

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