NSSC commander holds first Town Hall
Brig. Gen. John J. McGuiness, senior commander of Natick Soldier Systems Center, held his first Town Hall June 8 at Hunter Auditorium. .

In his first Town Hall as senior commander of the Natick Soldier Systems Center, Brig. Gen. John J. McGuiness told employees June 8 that he intended to provide a healthy work environment for them that ensured the continued flow of world-class equipment to America’s armed forces.

“It’s just a phenomenal workforce,” McGuiness said. “You do phenomenal things every day. I want to be able to create an environment here at Natick so that everybody is treated with dignity and respect, and you have the resources you need to provide that equipment.”

McGuiness invited representatives of various organizations around post to give brief updates to a capacity audience at Hunter Auditorium. Then he fielded questions and comments from those in attendance.

“Why are we here?” said McGuiness, adding that he was “looking for what’s important to you, looking at how we can better Natick.”

McGuiness mentioned the high number of advance degrees earned by members of the Natick workforce and pointed to the installation’s unique facilities.

“I’ve been here about three weeks, and I’m having a lot of fun so far,” McGuiness said. “Why I enjoy it is because of the work that you all do.”

The pace brought about by prolonged conflict can take a physical or emotional toll on military and civilian alike, whether deployed or at home, McGuiness warned.

“If you have a problem, it’s OK to come forward,” McGuiness said. “I just ask everybody to take care of each other, look after one another.”

McGuiness reminded the audience about the importance of their work.

“At the end of the day, it’s the equipment that you guys can think of, work through, develop and field that makes the difference,” said McGuiness, “so that these (service members) can go and (do) what they have to do, come home to their families and to have a great life.”

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