SEONGNAM, South Korea, June 6, 2011 -- What has hundreds of legs, two tails and a protective outer layer and can run down suspects, shoot targets, find bombs, break boards and speak two languages?

The 10th Annual Airsoft Games held here June 4, 2011.

Hosted by the TANGO Security Force on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea, more than 240 American and South Korean military family members and students from the surrounding community took part in the Airsoft Games.

Masked by camouflage and shielded by protective gear, the combatants engaged in epic Airsoft gun battles, tactically maneuvering on the mountainous terrain and pelting each other with plastic pellets.

The military participants were from Special Troops Battalion-Korea’s TANGO Security Force and the Republic of Korea Army's 172nd Infantry Battalion.

In the capture the flag competition, the first round was won by the combined TANGO Security Force and Angels Korean Airsoft team. The second round of the competition went to the combined Republic of Korea Army's 172nd Infantry Battalion and Korean Gamers team.

The participants also got to see some authentic U.S. military hardware, including a 718th Ordnance Company Explosive Ordnance Disposal display and various types of automatic weapons.

And the action didn’t stop on the pellet-covered field of battle.

Following a Korean and American barbecue lunch, the TANGO Security Force Tae Kwon Do Team performed a gravity defying demonstration, chopping through more wood than a group of lumberjacks.

Next up, the 142nd Military Police Company Military Working Dog unit unleashed another crowd pleasing demonstration.

Their German Shepherd Ares and Belgian Malinois Mickey awed the audience with their ability to fetch padded perpetrators.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Adams, the handler for 10-year-old Ares, said summertime is the busy season for working dog demonstrations in Korea.

“It brings awareness to the public on what we do,” said Adams, “and we get to show off our dogs.”

The games were held with the support of many organizations and individuals, including Tommy Kim, Special Troops Battalion-Korea, TANGO Security Force, Boy Scout Troop 82 Korea and the Angels Korean Airsoft team.

TANGO Security Force Executive Officer Capt. John J. Pisano said the games are conducted here annually to increase awareness of the U.S. military’s role on the Korean Peninsula.

“We are doing this by creating a safe and family friendly environment between the U.S. and ROK, along with family and friends, young and old,” said Pisano. “This event also allows families and friends to participate and interact with other Korean families and gives them all a better understanding of what the U.S. Army does.”

According to TANGO Security Force Commander Capt. David K. Cho, the signature summer event hit the target again in spite of a somewhat misty start.

“I’m glad the weather pulled through,” said Cho. “It’s a beautiful day and I think everybody is having a good time.”

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