Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Keynote Speaker
Marilyn Tam, an influential corporate leader, speaker, corporate consultant, author and respected humanitarian, speaks Thursday in Bob Jones Auditorium.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, AL.--She was born in a traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong and came to the United States by herself as a teenager.

Marilyn Tam went on to rise in the international business world and become an influential corporate leader, speaker, corporate consultant, author and respected humanitarian.

“Each one of us has the power to achieve our highest goals,” she said as keynote speaker for Team Redstone’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month program Thursday in Bob Jones Auditorium.

Tam, who resides in Santa Barbara, Calif., and heads her own foundation, outlined four basic principles which she believes are essential in realizing goals:

•Tell the truth all the time. Why complicate your life by having to remember lies?
•Make partners. Find people that support your ideas and endeavors and make them your allies.
•Make big mistakes. This way, you can learn from them. Small mistakes are things done carelessly.
•Die by your own sword. Hold on to your convictions and fight for your ideas.

About 250 people attended the event for the May 1-31 observance with this year’s theme, “Leadership, Diversity, Empowerment and Beyond.” It included a performance by Kuchipudi Dance Club.

“Pulling together is what makes this community so much stronger,” Maj. Gen. Jim Rogers, commander of the Aviation and Missile Command and Redstone Arsenal, said. “And that is what this is all about.”

The month’s essay winners included first place, Brindha Iyer of AMCOM G-6; second, Linda Mendenhall of AMCOM Legal Office; and third, K.C. Bertling of the Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command.

Display winners were first place, Garrison; second, HHC 59th; and third, Engineering and Support Center-Huntsville.

Honorees in the program’s outreach art contest included: high schools " first place, Imani Moore of Lee High, and second, Serigio Gutierrez of Butler High; elementary schools " first place, Matthew Sims, second, Ethan Townsend, and third, Caleb Sales, all of Horizon Elementary; and after school programs " first place, Jada Douglas of Butler Terrace Boys and Girls Club, second, Veronica Porta of Redstone School Age Services, and third, Alexis Harris of Redstone School Age Services.

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