Task Force Slugger moves into Nerkh
Task Force Slugger's Capt. Andrew Miller (left), commander of Company A, 2-30th Infantry, 10th Mountain Division, gives a mission update to U.S Army Brig. Gen. Gary J. Volesky (right), deputy commanding general of Combined Joint Task Force-1 and 1st Cava

WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan (May 29, 2011) -- A recent three-day operation pushed westward into the Nerkh District of Wardak Province, in central Afghanistan, in an effort to detain insurgents in an area traditionally known to be an enemy safe haven.

Capt. Andrew Miller, commander of Co. A, 2nd Bn. 30th Inf. Regt., 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, led Soldiers from Task Force Slugger during the main offensive effort, based out of a joint security station in Nerkh, during the May 23-25 security-focused operation.

"We're ... trying to target some enemies and some specific targets," said Miller. "We have patterns of life on a few different guys (insurgents), and what we're trying to do is -- instead of being terrain focused -- we're trying to focus on them and detain them."

Miller said he is happy with how things have turned out so far and applauds the effort of Afghan forces during this operation.

"We've found that we have freedom of maneuver," said Miller. "As we secure areas, the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police can come in and set up checkpoints. We plan on putting more checkpoints throughout (Nerkh) to keep the bad guys from moving in on the people."

Brig. Gen. Gary J. Volesky, Combined Joint Task Force-1 and 1st Cavalry Division deputy commanding general, checked on the operation while conducting a battlefield circulation.

"The 1st Cavalry Division just assumed responsibility for Regional Command-East on the 19th of May, so I am out looking at the great units in RC-East and seeing the great work that they have done over their rotation," said Volesky. "Today we came out with ... Captain Miller in Nerkh to see the great work he has done on disrupting the enemy and making things better in this district.

"(Task Force Slugger is) doing really well in partnering with their Afghan counterparts," continued Volesky. "That's one of the most critical things we can do during this rotation is to partner and get the capability of the Afghan Security Forces ready to take the lead."

Volesky said he came away impressed enough with how the mission is going that he wants to use the operation as an example for other task forces.

"I'm going back and telling the commanding general what a great model we have seen here today," said Volesky. "It's clear from the brigade commander all the way down to the squad leader, this task force is locked on and making a difference every day."

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