USASAC supply technician plays critical middleman for humanitarian relief effort
USASAC commander Brig. Gen. Chris Tucker recognizes Carol Heisey for her support on the foreign military sales case of jeep tool kits to Haiti for the Uruguay army.

A tool kit to repair a jeep may not be the first image that comes to mind for humanitarian relief efforts, but it is a critical part of the logistical support needed to sustain recovery efforts in countries such as Haiti. One of the many aspects of the Army Security Assistance Command’s foreign military sales program is providing equipment and support to international partners’ humanitarian relief efforts. Uruguay recently purchased not only 24 jeeps, but tool kits that were essential to keep the jeeps running as it began its role as part of the United Nations assistance program in Haiti.

“The tool kits were not included as part of the original FMS purchase for the jeeps, but Uruguay realized they were essential and Uruguay wanted them included with the jeeps when they were delivered,” Carol Heisey, a supply technician with USASAC’s New Cumberland, Pa., office, said.

The window for Heisey to ensure requirements were met to purchase and deliver the tool kits to accompany the jeeps was very small " less than three weeks. “You have to have the funding and then the paperwork to get the requisition moving,” Heisey explained. “We’re the middleman (supply technicians), but we are a critical middleman for the (FMS) process. If it doesn’t get processed in the system, it doesn’t get done.”

Heisey also provided coordination between the Defense Contract Management Agency and USASAC.

Heisey’s supervisor, Cynthia Morgan, said Heisey not only met the challenge, but demonstrated the type of professionalism and experience USASAC’s customers expect.

“Carol was extremely effective in ensuring that the tool kits for the Uruguay jeeps were prioritized to ship with the jeeps to Haiti for their troops,” Morgan said. “Carol’s exhaustive work and troubleshooting were essential to getting this requisition into the system to get the assets released as quickly as possible. USASAC was able to meet the deadline, and the jeeps are now in Haiti.”
USASAC directorates are based on support to the combatant commands; and Heisey, who joined USASAC in 1984, supports SOUTHCOM. “I’ve been in supply my whole career,” Heisey said.

Heisey was recognized by USASAC commander Brig. Gen. Chris Tucker with a commander’s coin for her work. He noted that USASAC employees are the “Army’s face to the world,” and the countries appreciate and know employees by name.

For Heisey, the satisfaction of completing a job that helped others is reward in itself. “Despite some challenges, we met the deadine and got Uruguay what they needed,” she said.

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