ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. (May 19, 2011) - Disposal operations for the 108 bulk
containers filled with mustard agent concluded today when the last "ton container" exited the
Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ANCDF) Metal Parts Furnace.
The disposal campaign took 63 days. A ton container is almost seven feet long. It has a
diameter of 30 and one-half inches. Each ton container can hold approximately 170 gallons of
mustard agent, a chemical that causes severe burns and blisters on exposed skin.
Though few in number, the 108 ton containers accounted for more than 18,300 gallons of
agent. Considering the next demilitarization campaign at the ANCDF involves 105mm
projectiles, Anniston ton container operations were the equivalent of processing more than
37,400 of the 15.7-inch-long artillery shells.
Timothy K. Garrett, government site project manager, said, "Our on-going safe disposal
operations in general, and our ton container campaign in particular, continue to demonstrate to
our community and to all who have oversight responsibilities of our project that we are a
professional, well-trained team committed to the safe conclusion of our mission."
The facility will continue to routinely process agent contamination waste as ton container
operations conclude. Also, a maintenance day has been scheduled for early next week to
support work by Alabama Power Company as the utility company interrupts power for less than
one day. ANCDF design and engineering features include battery and generator backup
capabilities to ensure the site maintains required safety and security systems.
Kenneth R. Ankrom, URS (Westinghouse Anniston) plant manager, said "Even though the
ton container campaign was relatively brief, we put the same planning, preparations, and
attention to detail as with any previous campaign. Safety and environmental compliance
remain our top priority regardless of the campaign duration."
ANCDF demilitarization of 105mm projectiles will start in a few days.
Anniston Chemical Activity (ANCA) employees have the responsibility of safely storing the
Anniston chemical munitions stockpile. They are also responsible for safely moving the
munitions from storage igloos to the ANCDF. To date, they have safely moved more than
642,250 munitions and containers.
Since disposal operations began in August 2003, ANCDF operators have processed 638,225
nerve agent and mustard agent-filled munitions and containers. That accounts for almost 97
percent of the entire Anniston chemical munitions stockpile. Reference just the mustard-filled
munitions, ANCDF operators have processed 276,423 of those munitions and containers. So far,
92.2 percent of Anniston's mustard stockpile has been demilitarized.
All disposal operations are expected to conclude later this year.

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