'Old Skool' gets 'Hosed' in season opener
Josh Powell, Guns and Hoses third baseman, takes a swing at an incoming pitch during the team's game against Old Skool, last year's intramural softball champions, Tuesday. Guns and Hoses won, 15-12.

Fort Rucker, Ala. --- Last year's intramural softball champions looked like anything but in the opening game of the season Tuesday.

Old Skool from B Company, 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment, found itself in dire straits as it faced off against Guns and Hoses of the 6th Military Police Detachment. The normally dominant 'Skool' found itself on the losing end, 15-12.

"We played around a little too much and they got a lot of good hits," James Parris, Old Skool coach, said. "Bottom line, they beat us."

It wasn't an easy game for either team, as Old Skool came out swinging in the first inning, going up 3-0.

Guns and Hoses didn't take long to get things rolling in the second inning as Warren Hodge, G&H pitcher, swung for the fences and came up with a 3-run homer to tie the game. The team went on to score four more runs in the inning to take the lead, 7-3.

It continued to hold Old Skool scoreless in the third and fourth innings while tacking on a few more runs.

Old Skool started to get a rally going in the fifth inning, which helped it improve, but G&H remained ahead, 12-7 by the end of the inning.

Things almost took a turn for the worst for G&H in the sixth inning when Bud Moore, Old Skool outfielder, stepped up with a 2-run homer, followed by Parris knocking in two more RBIs with a triple.

A G&H error allowed Parris to steal home and tie the game up.

Not to be taken down that easily, G&H turned the aggression up a few notches in the final inning and on the strength of a solid, base-hit strategy, was able to bring its lead back, 15-12.

In the bottom of the sixth, Moore came back to the plate to try and get a second rally going, but the power hitter wasn't able to clear the fence this time and popped an easily caught fly ball to left field.

After the rally attempt fizzled, a quick out at first base sealed the win for G&H.

Dustin Blain, G&H coach, said his team worked hard for the win and plans to continue doing the same thing for the rest of the season.

"The whole preseason we talked about being aggressive and it came together today," he said. "We didn't doubt anything. Most of us played together last season, so we know how to play together."

Blain said the game wasn't perfect and that the team has some issues to watch for in the coming weeks.

"They almost came back on us because we got a little bit cocky," he said. "We dropped our guard a little bit. I pulled them back together and they dug in and held their ground. I was proud of the way they stayed focused."

Blain said the team hasn't been able to practice together at all due to the team members working shifting schedules. With this challenge behind them, he said the team will continue to stress the things that worked in this game and try to work in some practices, when possible.

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