FORT LEE, Va. - For ordnance Soldiers, the names Miley, Hatcher, Dickson, Porter and Cohen have significant meaning and a strong foundation in the history of ordnance. Those names became even more a part of the corps' infrastructure when they were emblazoned on five new buildings on the Ordnance School's central campus May 5.

The new buildings are the centerpiece of the campus, an $800 million dollar project that transformed the school into a state-of-the-art university style learning center featuring high-tech classrooms and dormitory living quarters.

The facilities will better assist instructors to train Marines and Soldiers in welding, electrical system trouble shooting, turret repair, weapon repair and metal working.

"This is now the starship of training for the Army," Col. Clark W. LeMasters, Jr., chief of ordnance, said. "Its one of the most modern facilities in the Army and it has a huge impact on the morale of the Soldiers."

The buildings were memorialized in honor of past leaders and innovators in the ordnance community. Each building contains a plaque to remind and educate students of the history of the corps.

"The campus will serve as a unifying memory for ordnance Soldiers everywhere," LeMasters added.

The design of the campus, with everything in a central location, has been very beneficial for the Ordnance School and students. It not only allows faster movement between locations but supports a better quality of life for Soldiers as well.

"The design of this whole campus is very well thought out," LeMasters said. "We've got a central area where we train and you can walk to it in just a matter of minutes from the living area. A dining facility is located in the middle and there is great separation between the living and work spaces."

The five buildings dedicated during the ceremony will serve the ordnance community for years to come in producing the best trained Soldiers and Marines. A short description of each follows:

Miley Hall - Students entering the Fire Control Department will see this building is dedicated to Gen. Henry A. Miley, the first ordnance Soldier to attain the rank of 4-star general.

Hatcher Hall - The Turret Department is dedicated to Maj. Gen. Julian S. Hatcher, the first commanding general of the Ordnance Training Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground and author of many comprehensive books on firearms that are still in use today.

Dickson Hall - Students training in the Advanced Wheel Department will learn that it is dedicated to Brig. Gen. Tracy C. Dickson, who through his research and development of metallurgy, became a pioneer of gun construction.

Porter Hall - This department that teaches advanced track repair is dedicated to Brig. Gen. Horace Porter, Medal of Honor recipient and aide-de-camp to Generals Grant and Sherman.

Cohen Hall - The Metal Working, Armament and Electronics Department is dedicated to Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bernard Cohen, who's inventions allowed otherwise un-repairable vehicles to be able to return to combat.

The campus is almost complete, with only a couple of major projects left to finish by September. A consolidated troop medical and dental clinic and the munitions/Explosive Ordnance Disposal robotics instructional building will provide the finishing touches to this next generation center of learning.

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